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February has been a very busy month. Students, teachers and volunteers, as well as the
Chiro community have all worked hard to move us closer to our goals of a fruitful
education for all in a resilient and independent community. We are happy to share that
we have made progress on several fronts, the following are some of the highlights.

New Volunteers

We have welcomed three new volunteers this month; Guillaume and JeanPhilippe from Canada are teaching English. Genevieve from France is also
teaching English and working on improving and expanding our website

New Bungalow Project

The beginning of the month saw a start of our next building project. We are
constructing four new bungalows which will accommodate eight new guests in

The project is progressing smoothly with the help of OBT staff, volunteers, and
local workers The first two units are nearly completed and the third is rising fast.
The timely completion is essential as we expect a group of 28 guests in late
March! These additional accommodations will translate into additional income
for OBT projects.