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New Music Teacher

We are pleased to announce that Pli Muth has joined our staff of teachers. He is
working with the students on music and traditional dance. With Pli Muth’
assistance means we can expand the depth and scope of instruction in these art
forms helping to preserve the children’s heritage and nurture their talents.

Dance practice

Plastic Project Progress

The plastic project work is progressing on schedule spearheaded by Meki and
Caroline major accomplishment was the completion of an over 450 meters
channel for a pipe to bring water to the plastic processing site. This was
extremely demanding work as the ground in the area is very hard and largely
overgrown with weeds and nettles and infested with ants. Meki and Caroline,
Coco and Sylvain did the vast majority of the work. A local man was hired
towards the end of the project but unfortunately his work was substandard and
our volunteers needed to complete the job. We now have water at the site. Well