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Plastic project crew

The next stage of the plastic project has started with the arrival Association Sourire’s
group of four students and two teachers led by Denis Brunet. Their primary task will
be construction of the workshop on the site designated for the project, and
construction of the hardware necessary for the processing of the plastic into building
materials. The structure will be on a steel frame and they have been constructing the
necessary components with the help of Mr Thet from Chiro. This group also brought
a water tank for the site and helped, along with a local worker named Viarek, to
connect the water pipes.

Our Visitors

February has seen many important visits to OBT:
The Kampong Cham branch of a Phnom Penh Christian charity led by Bun Horn
visited us early in the month. This group has been a supporter of OBT for
several years. They toured our campus and met with our students and brought
gifts of Tshirts as well as a donation to support the school.