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The Sala Bai School has been an important partner for OBT throughout the years.
Emmanuelle Dethomas, the president of Agir Pour le Cambodge (APLC) in Paris
and Phillipe Steinmetz, the director of Sala Bai School

visited OBT this month. We discussed OBT’s current projects and achievements
as well as our vision for the next five to ten years, and ways of advancing toward
these goals in the current political and economic environment. It was a
productive discussion. Sala Bai will continue to fund one of our teachers in the
coming year. Emma will also contact Francois Ponchaud, the author of
Cambodia:Ÿear Zero written during the Pol Pot regime to discuss possibly
writing about contemporary Cambodia including OBT.
Aurora Elmore visited us from National Geographic Society to view and film
our flagship building which they had sponsored. We also discussed our long
term goals and a possible lasting partnership. In the short term National
Geographic’s LX NEG fund will be covering the costs of the restaurant
construction and the addition one hundred students to the OBT student body.
Tony Betts is a member of the Rotary Club of Redbrdge in UK. Clive, his friend
told him about OBT, and recommended he visit us. After touring our campus
Tony asked how his organization could help. We discussed our plan to become
an accredited school so we can provide all of our children’s education, and the
associated expenses for teachers, school materials, student’s uniforms and
supporting services. Tony will discuss with his club how they could become
involved in this goal.
We were also pleased to host a member of Passerelles Numeriques, An NGO
which has had a presence in Cambodia since 2007, and who strives to assist
disadvantaged youth through education in technology fields. We have recently
equipped our computer lab and are in need of instructors and expertise.
Passerelles Numeriques is looking to branch out from Phnom Penh into the
countryside. This may prove to be a productive partnership as our target
populations of disadvantaged youth and our values of equality and accessibility
of education parallel each other.