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Théo Vélon
909 S 5th street, Champaign 61820
Illinois, USA
+1 (929)-228-7992 | +33(0)783790416éo-vélon-53a2b7107

I am a 20-year-old student at UCL in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I chose this degree because I
believe our future lies in new technologies and I see electronic systems and software programming as a
way to automatize tasks that require consistency and precision. I joined this course in order to develop an
accurate sense of logical and strategic reasoning.

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Year abroad in Electronic & Computer Engineering
First semester:
• CS 225 - Data Structures
• ECE 310: Digital Signal Processing
• ECE 311: Digital Signal Processing Lab
• ECE 220: Computer Systems & Programming

Urbana-Champaign, USA

University College of London – Grade : First (expected results)
Master of engineering – Electronic and Electrical Engineering
First year – Grade: First | Second year – Grade: First
Relevant Modules:
• Communication System
• Analog Electronics
• Control System
• Digital Design
• Mathematical Modelling & Analysis
• Programming

London, UK

Aix-en-Provence, France
Georges Duby International High school
French scientific Baccalaureate – International option with honors; GCSE Geography
King’s College
Summer courses to improve my English skills and learn how to adapt to a
different environment

Auckland, New-Zealand
2009 & 2010

Sonceboz, Switzerland
Sonceboz SA
June-July 2015
Intern, Business Development unit in leader company in
automotive electronic embedded systems
• Learnt team working and managing a personal project with a dead line
• Contributed to the realisation of prototypes used for client demonstrations (BMW)
• Gained an insight on different aspects of the company and how each unit relies on the other branches
• Conducted a benchmarking report involving a lot of research on different topics relating to electronics

Udelec Society
Technical assistant, Electrical Systems
• Led a project to its end
• Worked long hours in tiring conditions
• Learnt how to deal with unexpected inconveniences

Aix-en-Provence, France
Summer 2015

• C (Embedded Systems)
• C++ (Data Structures)
• Python (Digital Signal Processing)

Java (Object Oriented Programming)
Matlab (Signal Processing)
Android Studio

Texas Instrument MSP based projects
FPGA CAD (Quartus)
Microsoft Office
Languages: French (native language); Fluent in English – Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English;
Spanish: Advanced level
Travelling: Spent twice three months in New Zealand at age 14, lived in the UK for two years, currently
living in the United States for the whole year. Visited several countries all over Europe and Asia for holiday
Activities: Taking part in hackathons: demonstrated the ability to remain focused in order to move a project
forward as well as connecting with people.
Interests: Boxing (member of the University Boxing Club), Running, Mountain biking, Guitar

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