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The present analysis deals with the problem of energy supply under the hot climate
conditions such as for the Maroua city in far-north of Cameroon using a parabolic trough solar
collector (PTSC). The coupling heat conduction equations in the glass envelope, absorber
pipe and the cooling fluid are solve to establish the influence of the cooling fluid, using the
fully implicit finite volume method (FVM). Three heat transfer fluids were considered: air,
liquid water and synthetic oil (TherminolVP – 1™). The present study revealed that in the
individual installation of a PTSC, the one axis polar East – West tracking system was most
desirable for a parabolic trough solar collector throughout the whole year. It is found that the
liquid water is the best cooling fluid as it presents many advantages: low cost and good
thermal performance. However, for very high temperatures application the use the synthetic
oil is suitable.

Key words: parabolic trough solar collector, finite volume method, cooling fluid, hot climate,
far-north of Cameroon.