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Saadia Haddad
Address: 171 Shirland
WE 2EU London
Mobile: 07933880203
Nationality: French
Date of Birth: 25.09.1997

Student in International Trade, who has recently his A-Levels, seeking an internship in
business development.

2016 : Currently doing a two year course in International Trade, in Paris.
2016 : Baccalaureate ( A-Levels ) with honours. I specialised in Office Practice,
Accountancy, Buisness, and Marketing.

Work Experience
March 2012

 A week in "Non Stop" , In Paris. Customer Service, Stock management.

March 2013

 A week in " Tchip" Customer service, Stock management.

September 2015 – March 2016

 Babysiting - Care of a 2 years old girl, preparing meals, giving her a bath … etc

French: Mother tongue
English: European Level B2 ( Intermediate)
Spanish: European Level B1 (Pre-Intermediate)
Kabyle : European Level C2 ( Bilingual)

IT skills
Microsoft Office Package (Word, Power Point, Outlook … )


History : visiting historical monuments, museums … etc (in France and abroad)
Traveling : Barcelona, Spain (school trip, alone) London, UK ( Once, alone) Tizi ouzou,
Algeria (famillial)
News : International, through online newspapers

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