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This product corresponds with the shipping regulations given in the Export Trade Control
Ordinance (Table 1, item 16) and the Foreign Exchange Ordinance (Table 1, item 16). When
these products are exported by customers, and when exported including the other freight or
together with other freight, it is recommended to fulfill the requirements related to Security Export
Control with the relevant authorities, including “Information Requirements” and “Objective
This manual outlines the functions, wiring, installation, operations, maintenance, specifications,
etc. of the AC servo amplifier “R” Series Type S. The “R” Series Type S AC servo amplifier
system is compatible with a wide variety of various applications requiring low, medium or high
capacity, high efficiency, reduced footprint, and excellent cost performance.
This product was developed to offer a series of servo motors that are easy to use and offer
excellent functionality in an AC servo motor. It fulfills various needs, such as the downsizing of
the control panel, and offers compatability for a wide range of applications requiring a servo
Precautions related to this Instruction Manual
・ In order to fully understand the functions of AC servo amplifier “R” Series Type S, please read
this instruction manual thoroughly before using it.
・ After reading this manual thoroughly, please keep it handy for reference.
・ Please contact the dealre or sales representative if there are defects such as nonconsecutive
pages, missing pages or if the manual is lost or damaged.
・ Carefully and completely follow the safety instructions outlined in this manual. Please note
that safety is not guaranteed for usage methods other than those specified in this manual or
usage methods intended for the original product.
・ The contents of this manual may be modified without prior notice, as revisions or additions are
made in the usage method of this product. Modifications are performed per the revisions of
this manual.
・ Permission is granted to reproduce or omit part of the attached figures (as abstracts) for use.
・ Although the manufacturer has taken all possible measures to ensure the veracity of the
contents of this manual, if you should notice any error or ommission, please notify the dealer
or sales office of the finding.