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【Safety Precautions】
This chapter is a summary of the safety precautions regarding the use of the R-series type-S amplifier.
Please read this entire manual carefully prior to installing, operating, performing maintenance or inspecting this
device to ensure proper use.
Use this device only after learning about its operation, safety information, and the precautions related to its
use. After reading the User Manual, keep it in a location where it is always available to the user for easy

The R-series servo amplifiers and servo motors were designed for use with general industrial equipment. The
following instructions should be followed:
■ Read the User Manual carefully before any installation or assembly work to ensure proper use.
■ Do not perform any retrofitting or modification of the product.
■ Consult with your sale representatives or a trained professional technician regarding the
installation and maintenance of these devices.
■ Please contact your distributor or sales office if you intend to use these devices in applications
such as;
* In medical instruments or systems used for life support;
* With control systems for trains or elevators, the failure of which could cause bodily injury;
* In computer systems of social or public importance;
* In other equipment or systems related to human safety or public infrastructure.
■ Additionally, please contact your distributor or sales office if the device is to be used in an
environment where vibration is present, such as in-vehicle or transport applications.