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Band info
Band since 2014
Main genre electro
excess / Michael Evans
Equipement Korg MS20, Korg M1, Ensoniq EPS,
EMU E5000 Ultra, Korg Monotron, YAMAHA FB01,
Ableton Live sequencer...

left to right : excess / Michael Evans


Personal info
real name

Vincent Rolland / Michael Bejaoui
Paris, France.

Formed in 2014, "The Juicy Juice" is Vincent Rolland
(aka "excess") and Michael Evans.
"Holly's creepy night" is the first album of the band;
it is a five tracks E.P. featuring a remix by Nannue
Tipitier ( he usually works into "minimal" music style ) .
"Holly's creepy night" main title were co-written by
Michael and excess, the rest of the album were written
and composed by excess, who produced the E.P.
A second mix were realised, entitled "excess mix", also
composed and produced by excess.
During promotion of this E.P., the band played on
stage at very different places and "Gibus Café"
were an important step, as a first real stage.
The importance of the 80's plays a key role in their
work, especially for their first E.P. : Influences like
Michael Mann's serie "Miami Vice", the music channel
MTV or the 8/16 bit era of video games.
Michael Evans is the singer of the duo but he also
plays as an actor in movies, such as "Low life" by
Nicolas Klotz. Also a breakdancer.
excess is a composer, producer and work on mixing
( plus visuals ). He also have a solo project : excess.

Holly's creepy night

Holly's creepy night
excess mix

Venues played
MacDonalds "Grands Boulevards" ( Paris )
Dynamic Radio ( Paris )
Gibus Café ( Paris )

Dynamic radio Award

Social networks

Signed by: m. Vincent Rolland
Date: 2017.03.15 23:49:51 +01

© The Juicy Juice

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