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Academic Information – Class Schedule / Courses / Orientation / Closing Ceremony
During the orientation, below factors will be covered
­ Overall program introduction
­ Guideline to textbooks, course syllabus and teaching methods
­ Campus guide
­ Introduction to cultural excursions
­ Education in accepting different cultures
­ Class attendance check regulations
­ Other relevant information regarding the program
­ Insurance guidelines (if you are to register for one in Korea)
­ Introduction to Club Activities
­ Self-introduction of all students
­ Welcoming Luncheon

Closing Ceremony
During the closing ceremony, below factors will be covered
­ Future process after students return to their home countries
­ Students’ presentation on their home country and university
­ Participating students‘ performances on what they learned from the club activities
­ Farewell Party

Contact Info
Manager: Daniel(Kyu-Sang) Jung

Phone Number: 82-2-300-1507

­ Short-term study visa is required for all international students starting from 2017. Make sure you receive a
visa. All required documents such as acceptance letter and Certificate of application will be sent to the
students’ home university. However, please double check with your local Korean Embassy/Consulate in
advance regarding other necessary documents. Please proceed with the visa process as soon as possible
as it takes a long time to be processed and issued.
­ Students are responsible for issuance of the visa if needed and any delays in the issue of visa.
­ Myongji University is not responsible in issuing the visa since that is the sole responsibility of the Korean
Immigrations office, and application fee will not be reimbursed due to visa denials.

Pick-up Service – Airport pick-up
Airport pick-up
Once you purchase your flight ticket, students must inform Ms. Tenny Kim at least by July 1, 2017 to
arrange the airport pick-up service. Airport pick-up service is 40,000 KRW, and it is to be paid in cash upon
arrival. Students from the same school are recommended to travel together.