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Our teams have been interested in media
hype to operate against the 45th president of
the united states of america.
In order to restore the balance somewhat.
Think for yourself

The PluraliSt
«Who controls the information also controls the SpiritS»

Tuesday 30.04.17 - 12th year - N°519 - 2$ - The United States of America -

Is this the spiritual son of devil ?
With Trump we are going to set sails for fail !
This is what we might think if we still have
a television at home.
This is what the media mainstream
preaches us daily.
The mainstream media constantly
blackens the image of Donald Trump,
we will try to whiten it, without bad
If we look at the record of foreign relations
that the president of the United States of
America. When you ask him a question
about what george bush did during his
presidence, in particulary for the war in
middle east. Donald trump answers
« I think that was a desatre, and i think
that was the worst decision ever made,
he had totaly distabilise the middle east.
If Sadam hussein still be in charge you
wouldn’t have the problems that you have
right now, I mean if you had Khadaffi,
if you had Saddam Hussein, look at the
migration and now they’re talking about
taking 200.000 people, costing billions of
dollars. We have no documentation,
we have no idea where they come from,
we have no idea who they are and the
one thing i noticed and I say it I said at
everybody I look at the migration they’re
all young, I mean so many young strong
men... ». page 8

It is actually a rope that Donald Trump sends to
black populations stuck in a ladderless well. Why
does not any mainstream media talk about Trump’s
support that happens to be Jesse Jackson ? The
blacks were more likely to vote for Trump than for
John McCain, or George W bush before that. When
Trump thought of running for the presidential
election 16 years ago, 67% of blacks against 21%
were in favor of his candidacy and received 62%
favorable opinions among Hispanics. Is it not
strange that Trump became racist when he became
We are not going to comment on this
a Republican candidate ? Trump says he wants to
quote and we are going to talk to the
reinvigorate poor neighborhoods and extract blacks
«Muslim ban»
from the spiral of poverty, family disintegration
and violence. Meanwhile, under Obama, more and
There are only 6 countries on the list that
more blacks are living below the poverty line. The
is called the «Muslim Ban», Iraq is no
number of Blacks using food vouchers rose by 58%.
longer part of this list, the latter was
This is how the Left helps the black community,
created by its predecessor Barack Obama. impoverishing them and making them more deThe countries included in this list are
pendent on the government. 93% of black victims of
countries that no longer have an American homicide are killed by other blacks. Ethnic relations
embassy on their ground and that the
have been the worst in decades. 8 years of Obama
biggest Muslim countries like Indonesia,
have been devastating for the black community.
Pakistan, India is not listed.
Yet they are told us Trump is the problem! What
Again an excessive exaggeration on the
about Gay people ? Trump vowed to protect the
part of the doxa peddled by the
LGBT community from a fanatical ideology that
mainstream media. page 6-7
represents its main threat, radical Islam as he said
Recall the speech of Donald Trump
in a speech.Trump has been and is still supported
concerning the American blacks.
by Peter Thiel, a celebrity of the brightest and most
«I say it again! What do you have to loose ? recognized gay community in America. page 5
You are living in poverty, your schools are After having been voting for a black president,
not good, you have no jobs, 58% of your
who is not so black, he is rich, in reality the real
youth are unemployed. What the hell do
cleavage is a cleavage between the rich and the
you have to loose ?»
It is, according to the media, the definition The rich blacks are all white,
of a racist speech.
the poor whites are all black.

TAFTA is the name of the free trade treaty that
was being negotiated between the US and Europe. This agreement threatens laws that protect
citizens, workers and consumers. Food, health,
public service, animal welfare, GMOs, environment, social rights, personal data and digital
freedom. Everything was on the table of negotiations, the neoliberals considers that all these
rules and all these laws are obstacles to profits,
to trade. The Treaty provides for the authorization of undertakings to challenge States or local
authorities before a private court if they consider
that their prospects for benefits are impacted
by public policy decisions. For example, australia and uruguay that have put in place anti-smoking policies are attacked by Philip Morris
who demands billions of dollars in compensation. If the treaty was in force the companies
could attack some European countries which
refuses the GMO, the exploitation of shale gas.
Thanks to Donald Trump, who is not an ultra liberal, this treaty will not see the light of day. page 4
Thanks to the last election Moscow and Washington are in very good position to agree on Syria.
What should be very good news, the cold war is
not such a distant past. The Europeans found the
climate of cold war between Barrack Obama and
Vladimir Putin untenable, the same person is
currently insurpotable diplomatic proximity and
friendship between the two countries.
Donald Trump has clearly shown his desire to
found a multi-polar world instead than continuing
with imperialism and American domination over
the world. page 6

We avoided the worst?

died, it does more than the children who died
in Hiroshima. Is the price worth it? »
Madeleine Albright replied very coldly: «I
think this is a very hard choice, but the price,
we think the price worth it.» page 10-11
Major US defense suppliers such as Boeing,
Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman
(Weapon Supplier) are strong supporters of
Hillary Clinton’s policy. Additionally, Goldman Sachs banned his executives from financing Donald Trump’s campaign, basically the

Fondator : The free people

A newspaper against
the newspapers.
Yes we are ! The fourth power submitted. Why Donald
Trump does not like the media ? Why Media does
not like Donald Trump ? Who has the most power
? The legislator ? The executive ? The judiciary ? Or
rather finance and economics ? Who has the farthest
voice ? The 12 banks that share the control of the US
Federal Reserve, the Goldmanshachs, the J.P Morgan,
the oil standard, the military-industrial complex or
elected people without financial power ? When the
fourth power belongs to the Bank and this power is
in the process of redeeming and corrupting the other
powers, it becomes a dictatorship, hardly identifiable
because it is very subtle. page 3
Rupert Murdoch is one of the largest shareholders
of The Wall Street Journal and also Goldman Sachs,
JP Morgan, Meryll Lynch and Morgan Stanley.
BlackRock is a shareholder of The Washington Post.
The multi-nationals are buying up the TV channels
and newspapers. At each major event that disrupts
a country, a discovery of corruption, an attack, our
teams poses two very important questions. In the last
instance who benefits from the crime ? Where does
the money come from ? By extension you work for
who pays you. page 14
The politic is three band billard.
The anti-Trump campaign: we will dismantle the
arguments of the dominant media on four subjects.
The Obamacare is not viable contrary to what the Atlantic press claims, the disadvantaged classes did not
take advantage of this device. This form of «social security» proved too costly and too restrictive to attract.
Concerning the extension of the Wall at the Mexican
border, the Secure Fence Act was signed by President
George W. Bush who began construction. This was
pursued by President Barack Obama with the support
of the Mexican government of the time.
Concerning the voluntary termination of pregnancy,
President Trump prohibited the payment of subsidies
to associations receiving funds from abroad. He called
certain association by imposing on them to choose
either between the will to help women in distress or
to be paid by George Soros to protest against him as it
was the case in the past. This decree therefore has nothing to do with the abortion, but with the prevention
of a «colored revolution» like in Ukraine.
Concerning the anti-immigration decrees, Donald
Trump announced that he would apply the law inherited from the Obama era, expel the 11 million illegal
foreigner. He suspended financial aid to cities that refuses to enforce the law. The campaign conducted by
the Atlantic press against Donald Trump is therefore
To claim that he has declared a war against Muslims,
to publicly mention his possible dismissal, even his
murder, is no longer lie, it is war propaganda. page 4

The world afraid !

Probably but nothing is certain, the political
professionals like Hilary Clinton are used to not
honored their commitment, unlike Trump for now.
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is
nevertheless an armed arm of the machine of imperial
domination published a report in which it is
discovered that in 2016 under the administration Obama was dropped 26 171 bombs, 72 bombs
per day, 3 bombs per hour. On Syria, Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. But
don’t panic these are humanitarian and intelligent bombs, able to make the difference between
an innocent civilian and an ISIS soldier. page 10
If we want to understand why Donald Trump was
elected president, we should instead focus on his opponent’s warlike promises rather than try to understand why the American people voted for a so-called
«Mysogine, Sexist, Homophobe, Racist, Racialist,
Xenophobic, Antisemitic, Nazi, Machist ... ».
The name Clinton has been very devastating for
countries like Iraq over the past 25 years. Iraq was the
victim of an embargo on American initiative under
the presidency of Bill Clinton. The list of prohibited
products ranged from simple foodstuffs to all pharmaceutical products. In geo politics memory is very
important, Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State of
the United States under the presidency of Bill Clinton
had been interviewed at the time. The journalist asks
her: «We know that 500,000 Iraqi children have


the world of finance support Hillary.
On the other side of the Atlantic, in France,
during a very famous Saturday night show,
the host of France 2 begins its show saying,
«Donald trump is the only Donald we’d like to
see cut down because of avian flu, at this rate I
will not be surprised that the CIA is organizing
a dallas cabriolet ride.» page 3

Insecurity, unemployment, racket, corruption,
terrorism, immigration, global warming,economic
crisis, conflict of civilization, flu epidemic, cancer, theft, aggression, rape, kidnapping, organized
crime,robbery, racism, discrimination, accident,
violence, price increase, serial killer, terrorist attack,
ISIS, war, debt, shooting, pollution, murder, Trump.
Television produces fear, the pharmaceutical industry
produces antidepressants and tranquilizers... page 14
The financial support of George Soros weakened
the notions of state and sovereignty is regularly
denounced by the US conservative media. blablabla
George Soros one of Donald Trump’s main opponents, a multi-billionaire has massively invested the
media field for a long time, injecting more than $
100 million into this sector since the 2000s in order
to promote its agenda and its vision of the world.
George Soros considers himself a very influential
mana. Presenting Donald Trump as «Apprentice
dictator», not hesitating to distort his words and
created fear. George Soros does not directly advance,
but rather through his OGN «Open Society Foundation» or movements that are not directly from his will.
«Women’s March» funded largely by George Soros,
a movement that made a lot of noise, for very little
result. It is recalled George Soros also financed the
colorful revolutions, the latest to date, ukraine, as well
as mass migrations, the latest to date, Emptying of
Syria. page 16

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