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Sencas - Overview
While aiming to ensure our customers not only deserve but receive
the best products, the reasonable prices puts us far ahead in the
sustainable lighting and LED market for indoor and outdoor solutions.
Bringing our products from renounced manufacturers , making it our
goal to avail you the exclusive specs desired at prices that guarantee
total satisfaction, is what we make sure our esteemed customers
get. Putting forward unprecedented work ethics and dedication we
thrive to make our customers happy.Only the top quality components
are used in our products which is evident with our LED and driver
units certified with Philips or Osram while our encapsulation sustains
the highest IP ratings having it the best built quality in its category.
As a matter of fact, our products most necessarily complies with BIS,
CE, MNRD, RDSO and RoHS certification standards but we hold
our products to the highest possible attainable quality and

Benefits we guarantee:

More power to light instead of power to heat

Reduces power consumption by up to 80%

Consistent operation from 90 to 270 volts

Doesn’t cause light pollution

Direct coherent light source with high contrast at low levels

Long life span: more than 50,000 hrs.

Doesn’t expose building occupants to Mercury in the event of
bulb breakage

Proven technology in a cost-effective package

We make a complete lighting solution for our customers being highly
flexible with designs and specs in addition to that our association
with renounced manufactures allows us to deliver large product
quantities at shorter deadlines. We make sure to refrain assimilating
low quality products from popular cheap manufactures as certainly
we hold our customer’s trust and satisfaction, dearly.

We are Committed to Innovate
providing Exclusivity maintaining
the Best Quality at reasonably
Low Price