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Auteur: Artur Galstyan

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Armenia First! Armenia First! Armenia First!
Hayastan has always been great! Let’s make it even GREATER!
On January


The Art Of Music 23!
Producing Center

here we go, Artur, Karen

Dear all,

Harut and me, to our next concert at the

2016 was a year dedicated to hard work and

Vayk Military Base! It was so important for

finalizing of our ambitious musical projects

us to celebrate our Armenian Christmas

for Armenia. To celebrate our successes our

with our soldiers, our heroes! It was an

movement entered 2017 with the most

unforgettable day and blessed to meet such

rejoicing ‘hurras’! This was my first time

amazing people through our Journey!

ever to party New Years’ Eve and the

12th Edition/Monthly/Bilingual

Im lav enker,bass guitarist Степан
Гомцян (Stepan Gomtsyan) het,
ashkhatum enq
Marie Van Marcke-i
nor yev geghetzik
''My Ararat'' yergi vra. Shutov !

Armenian Christmas on Armenian soil!
What a blessing…

On January 1st, Artur and I released our first
duo song Tun Al Tchi Gass, Get Out Of My
Life! The song released on Record Union and
is redistributed on all major music platforms
like iTunes, Spotify and others… The official
clip of our duo song is on You Tube and
Facebook. We hope you will enjoy this great
song as much as we did while producing it
for you!

Newsletter Edition n° 12 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Marie Dalia van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2017

We sang, we danced and we cared for each
other! We lived all the emotions that make
Christmas this very special time of the Year!

As we were heading back home to Magic

Yerevan, tired but so happy, I thought:


- Through my profession, I am so deeply
honored and fortunate to meet all those
heroes that make Armenia such a Great


On January 8th, we were immensly proud to
discover that our Christmas song “Mary’s
Prayer” is marketed by Amazon Japan!
Being born in Japan, what an enchanting
way to go back to the land of my roots…

I am so impatient to fly back to Armenia in
the next months, for on February 11th, just on
Saint Sarkis Day, we will be releasing our
full Album “The Magic Armenians!” with 10
fantastic songs!
Our NEWSLETTERS 2016 Year in Review
are now available under the link below.
Enjoy the reading or the re-discovering of
my enchanting Journey at the Heart of
Magic Armenia!

Later on, we even gave a private concert to
Artur’s and Karen’s base commanders, Mr.





Grigoryan, they served with as brave
soldiers from 1994-1996 at the Military Base
in Sissia. The unity of soldiers have spent 2
long years defending the borders


Nakhitchevan and Nagorno Karabagh!

Their reunion after so long was a very
touching moment! All their courageous
years defending the Motherland came back
to their minds as they all sang along
melodies that Artur was playing on his
darling guitar! The Khorovadz, the famous
Armenian barbecue, was a delight and the
Armenian wine really had an enchanting
taste…. Again, unforgettable people! Thank
you all for letting me be part of such

On January 28th, Armenia celebrated the 25th

See you in Hayastan!

Anniversary of the Armenian Army since


her Independence in 1991! Of course, we pay
tribute to all our soldiers and their families!
Respect and our profound gratitude for
serving your country with such tremendous
bravery, strength and faith! May you all be
reunited with your loved ones in health and

extraordinary gatherings!

Newsletter Edition n° 12 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Marie Dalia van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2017

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