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TUNGSTEN is an audiovisual production company whose mission is to create corporate films,
branded content and tell inspirational stories.

POSITION: Production Coordinator

IN BRIEF: TUNGSTEN wishes to partner with a motivated production coordinator, to work on
production of corporate films, branded content, advertisements and multiplatform projects. As the
company is in full growth, the right person will have the opportunity to evolve with our domestic and
international customers. Just as the members of our team, he or she will be passionate, true,
creative, efficient, flexible and dedicated.

Control of schedules: production (scriptwriting, casting, shooting schedule, booking of equipment,
etc.) and post-production (editing, animation, colorization, verification and corrections, etc.);
- Costing of productions;
- Coordination of team members and collaborators (internal and external);
- Negotiation with suppliers;
- Management of film gear;

- Stands out for his or her sense of initiative and autonomy;
- Likes to contribute, share and collaborate;
- Is rigorous in all aspects of its work;
- Has distinctive communication and customer service skills

- Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar position, including experience in coordinating shooting
- Has a valid driver's licence
- Fluent in French and English: spoken and written
- Good computer skills (MS office, Google office, etc.)

Thanks for your interest in TUNGSTEN; please send your CV at We will
consider your application with care and confidentiality. Note that only the selected candidate will be

To find out more about us:

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