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Walking you through typical package tour in Sri Lanka .pdf

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Walking you through a typical package tour in Sri Lanka
By enrolling yourself to a package tour in Sri Lanka, you can avail the benefits of a collection
of a wide range of services that combine into a single trip. Most tour operators in Sri Lanka
offer tourists services such as:

Transport – Transfers between airport/hotels/cities/tour attractions
Tour guide
Entrance fees to tourist attractions

The type of services offered and the package prices may vary depending on the number of
guests travelling in a group, the duration of the tour, the standard of accommodation
required, and the time of year during which tourists are visiting the country. If this is your
first holiday visit, it is best to go for a package tour in Sri Lanka as this would be the most
convenient option. Blue Lanka Tours is a reputed company that arranges high quality tours
in Sri Lanka.
Upon arrival at the Bandaranaiyake International Airport in Sri Lanka, a representative from
the company that you have selected for your package tour in Sri Lanka will meet you and
take you to your vehicle. A group of two to four would be given a car, while a group of four to
six would fit better in a four wheel drive. Larger groups of six to ten would be accommodated
in a van and anything larger than that would require bus transport for tours in Sri Lanka.
Your tour will now begin based on the pre-decided itinerary with your travel consultant. Most
companies provide drivers who also act as tour guides and assistants throughout your tour
in Sri Lanka. So if you have any questions and concerns, just put it through to your driver for
clarification. You will be driven to popular cities and towns such as Negombo, Colombo,
Galle, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Yala, Anuradhapura and anything else that you have requested
for. Your driver cum guide will show you around the different attractions at every location.
Once your tour in Sri Lanka is complete, you will be dropped off to the airport at a
convenient time, depending on the time of your flight. Feel free to provide feedback and
suggestions in the review book given to you.
Find more information here;

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