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Mob : +971 4 277 6990


We are all in an era of time efficient and
competitive work habitat. The interior
spaces should emote identity, be
empowering and give a sense of
Interior design is like a lifestyle product
where we have to understand your needs
and aspirations then create an optimally
unique environment for you.

We take pride in our work to deliver the
interior design services where we can
handle your needs from design to turnkey execution with all the technical
requirements. Our USP is to customize
solutions in terms of space planning,
ambience to your exact budget.

We take pride in our work to deliver interior design services where we can handle
your needs from design to turn-key execution with the technical requirements in

Our Services
 Architectural Consultancy
 Interior design (Residential, Offices, Retail, F & B
outlets, Hospitality)
 Landscape Design
 Exhibitions
 Furniture Packages

Project Management
Value Engineering
MEP Integration
Feasibility Study
Real Estate Sourcing

We are passionate design & technical professionals with more than two decades of rich
experience to deliver interiors for projects of diverse scale and occupancies like
residential.corporate,retail,hospitality,landscape & architecture. each project we work on is an
intensive collaborative process with our clients & internal stakeholders. Our creative solutions
are always with a commitment to quality, value for money and making compelling spaces that
anticipate future needs.
Our designs are pragmatic yet deliver a wow effect with a unique identity where there are so
many companies who just give you typical & prototype solutions and do not put an extra effort
in making it unique for you-going from rebellion to zen...!

We can help you understand and optimize your interior space of any scale or occupancy type.
we work with you for lateral customized solutions with a value for money.
We craft designs that make the best use of your space yet consider the future aspirations of

your organization. We are passionate about coming up with solutions that go beyond the
expected whilst considering real needs. our obsessive attention to detail and layout are evident
in all aspects of our work. we create the unique identity of your place that communicates the
values of your business, with our ideas, innovative design solutions, materials selected and
colour palettes. You can choose consultancy or turnkey services through us.

We provide bespoke services to you at all stages in the occupancy cycle through strategic
planning and standards. We provide building appraisal, and selection, detailed occupancy
planning to post-occupancy evaluation. Interior fittings and furnishings are selected from an
extensive network of suppliers to provide you with optimal choices.
We undertake any type of occupancy or scale. Our services are collaborative with you from the
moment your need arises for a place to designing, managing authorities, execution, project
management, technical co-ordination and successful handovers with warranties. We ensure
every project is delivered within your parameters of occupancy, time, budget and unique

 Iqbal Shaban Villa, Emirates
Hills, Dubai
 Salim Shaban Villa, Emirates
Hills, Dubai
 Hyder Villa, Emirates Hills,
 Glass House and Curtain
Walling for Corporate Head

F & B Outlets
 Deli Deli-Times Square
 London dairy-Ajman
 London Dairy-City
 London Fish & Chips,
Media city &
International city
 Automatic Restaurant-

Designed by our
principals through
other company
 Al Rostmani Head
 Central Bank
Museum & dining,
 Generali HQ Dubai
 Habboush Group

Quarters at ESSAR, Mumbai,
 Villa Complex at
 Al Reyami Showroom &
Office at Kochi,India

 Qatar Airways staff
 Terex-DIP
 Total Solutions, DIFC
 Al Faris Head Office-Jebel
 CNBC Sets-DMC & Abu
 Showtime Transmission
Studio-DMC (OSN)
 Zee Studios-Dubai
 Ten Sports, DMC
 Redha Al Ansari Exchange
Head Office-Diera
 Indigold Factory & Office at
DMCC Corporate Head
Office Towers at ESSAR
Group Mumbai
 Syntel Software Ltd.
Chennai & Mumbai
 IDBI office Coimbatore
 Standard Chartered Bank,
 The New India Assurance
Company Ltd. Mumbai &
 Jet Airways Cargo Terminal
 Thomas Cook office at
 Australian High Commission
office at Mumbai

Ibn Battuta Mall
Head to Toe ,Mumbai
IL Lago Restaurant &
Various Shoppers Stop
Ltd. Outlets at Mumbai
& Pune
Appakadai restaurant,
JLT, Dubai
Redha Al Ansari-Mall of
the Emirates, Al Ain
Foot loose-Mega
Serena's, Mumbai
Vimisela, Mumbai
Gazelle, Pune
Anuja's Biryani House,

 Various Villa &
Penthouse interiors in
Dubai & India
 Loft house-JBR
 Director's
Entertainment and
Family Floors, Corp.
HQTowers at ESSAR
Group Mumbai.

HQ Dubai
Bose HQ Dubai
Samsung HQ
Caterpillar HQ
EMS, Dubai
Frontline, Dubai
Gulf Capital Group




1804, Metropolis, Business Bay
P.O. Box 118277, Dubai, UAE.

Mob : +971 4 277 6990
Email :

Website :

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