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“Slaves’ Daily Routine”
Today, I will tell you about the daily routine of a slave in the 1850s.
A this time, a slave couldn’t vote as they couldn’t give their opinion. They have to work from
sunrise to sunset with terrible conditions like heat or rain. If they don't’, they were always beaten by
the overseers or the master.
In an other category, they didn’t have the right to marry the person they loved and they were not
allowed to have an education.
They had only one break of two hours in the middle of the day for lunch. At the end of their journey
by boat, they were branded with a red iron to recognize they if the try to escape the plantations.
If they were capture during their escape, they were whipped.
At the beginning of each day, they would usually pray before going to work because they became
Christian. They used to play music or sing “work-song” while they were working. Every day, at
evening, they would dance for their African ritual.

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