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Verandas for Residual and Emergent
Academic Year: 2016-2017
Study Day on Verandas for Residual and Emergent Narratives (14 April 2017)
Jointly Organised by:
The English Department &
Laboratory on Approaches to Discourse (LAD)
Friday 14 April
08:30—09:00 Opening Speech by Faculty Dean:
Prof. Mohamed Ben Ayed
English Department Chair:
Prof. Mounir Guirat
LAD Director:
Prof. Mounir Triki
Chairperson: Prof. Akila Sellami-Baklouti
09:00—09:20 Saloua Karoui-Elounell (Ecole Normale Supérieure): Is Avant-gardism an
Emergent Paradigm? The Shift to an Ontological Dominant in Parodic
09:20—09:40 Henda Ammar Guirat (Sfax University): When the Open Ending Allows
Closure to Creep Back in: Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea as a Narrative in
Perpetual Emergence
09:40—09:50 Discussion
09:50—10:00 Coffee Break
Chairperson: Prof. Mounir Triki
10:00—10:20 Wajih Ayed (Sousse University): Medieval Revenants in Renaissance
Verandas: The Residual and the Emergent in Twelfth Night
10:20—10:40 Mohamed Karim Dhouib (Sousse University): The Limits of Subversion in
Shakespeare’s The Tempest
10:40—11:00 Abdellatif Ben Halima(Sousse University): Residues of Theory in
Postmodern Theatre: Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as a
Case Study
11:00—11:15 Discussion
Chairperson: Dr. Sadok Damak
11:15—11:35 Lamia Jaoua (Sfax University): The Dominant, the Residual, and the
Emergent in “September 1913”: Yeat’s Ethics of Belonging Revisited
11:35—11:55 Imen Mzoughi (Jendouba University): The Residual and the Emergent in Mia
Couto’s The Last Flight of the Flamingo
11:55—12:15 Mongia Besbes (Sfax University): Literary Piracy and the Art of Experimental
12:15—12:30 Discussion
12:30—14:00 Lunch

Chairperson: Dr. Neila Keskes
14:00—14:20 Rim Souissi Souidi (Sousse University): The Emergent Writes Back:
Emergent Ethnic Self-history Recasting Dominant Ethnohistory in Khaled
Hosseini’s Fiction
14:20—14:40 Mourad Romdhani (Sousse University): The Metaphor of “Ghosts” in
Maxine H. kingston’s The Woman Warrior: The Dominant and the Residual
14:40—15:00 Mondher Youssfi (Gabes University): A Tale of Many Hands: A Study of
Resistance in Great Expectations through the Representations of Hands
15:00—15:15 Discussion
15:15—15:25 Coffee Break
Chairperson: Dr. Wajih Ayed
15:25—15:45 Khaled Knani (Sousse University): Old and New Meanings in Identity
Negotiation: Hegemonic, Residual and Emergent Elements in Eugene O’Neill
15:45—16:05 Mohamed Nejib Hizi (Sousse University): The Residual, the Emergent, and
the Dominant in Eugene O’Neill’s Strange Interlude: Is there any Response in
the Text?
16:05—16:25 Mouna Ennouri (Sousse University): Reading the First World War and
Deciphering its Specificities: An Examination of Robert Cedric Sheriff’s
Journey’s End
16:25—16:40 Discussion
Chairperson: Prof. Mounir Guirat
16:40—17:00 Hela Zouari (Sfax University): “A New Breed as It Were, Having Emerged
from Two Old Histories”: Celebrating Cultural Mongrelization, Embracing
Sexual Hybridity in Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia
17:00—17:20 Khaoula Slimen Hmidi (Manouba University): The Residual and the
Emergent in Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body
17:20—17:40 Abir Ghourabi (Sousse University): Postcolonial and Diasporic Literature:
The Emergent of New Cultural Identities
17:40—17:55 Discussion
17:55—18:00 Mounir Guirat (Sfax University): Closing Statement

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