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HR - 1. Introduction to Human Resources


Introduction to Human Resources

1st course

Pieces of advice

Read attentively the instructions and questions before reading the whole
Make full sentences while answering questions
VOCABULARY - Do not hesitate to help yourself with linguistic websites such as
WordReference and Linguee (you also have
PRONUNCIATION - If you want to check pronunciation you have a wonderful
website on Best-Text-to-Speech website
Do not do the whole document all at once. Have breaks and do a part each day
for example

Human resources, what’s that? (preparation)
1) Brainstorm on Human Resources in the frame below :

2) What are HR?
3) Who is concerned?


HR - 1. Introduction to Human Resources

4) What do you think HR are linked to?
5) Are HR managed the same way as in the past?
6) According to you, how were considered HR in the past? What about nowadays? Do you
think it is a positive or negative evolution? Justify your answer.

The HR professional (listening)
1) What is an HR professional?
2) What is their role?
3) How important do you think they are in an organization?
4) What are their objectives regarding the employees of a company?
Look up the following words and explain them :

Make a list of the different tasks and missions of
an HR professional below :

To hire sb :
To train sb :
background check :
to oversee sth :
to assist with :
a position :
an internship :
sb = somebody
sth = something

Watch the following video and answer the questions below
Click here to watch the video
5) What do HR professionals work as?
6) What is administrative work? What does it consist in for an HR professional?
7) Explain what “understanding the qualifications necessary for the position” and “helping
hire and train new employees” means


HR - 1. Introduction to Human Resources

8) What is “performing background checks” and how is it materialized physically by? Why
is it important for an HR professional to do it during the recruitment process of a potential
9) What does an HR professional have to do after hiring a new employee? Why is it important
according to you?
10) What skills do you think are important for an HR professional? Explain them
11) What does the CV have to include in to apply for an HR professional position?
12) What is an internship?
13) What can it bring to a person following a Bachelor program?
14) How important it is for them?
15) What is theory and practice? Why are they different words?
16) Which opportunities can it give to a trainee during his/her work placement?
17) What does an internship allow to a trainee?

What is a good HR professional? (Writing)
> Make a list of the different guidelines of a good HR professional according to the articles and
explain why they are essential in his/her job

Guideline 1
Guideline 2
Guideline 3

The practice of human resource management (Reading)
Before working on the document

HR - 1. Introduction to Human Resources

1) Find in an English dictionary the meaning of the following words
Human capital
2) Explain the following words
strategy :
field :
performance :
human capital :
knowledge management :
Competency-based HRM :
underpinned :
welfare :
Working on the PDF document entitled “the practice of human resource management”
1) What is HRM according to the document? Explain it with your own words.
2) What are the activities and fields covered by HRM?
3) What is the other dimension of HRM? Explain it.
4) What did not Osterby and Coster agree with?
5) Why “people management” is sometimes preferred as an alternative to “human
resources” Why is HRM the term most commonly used nowadays?
6) What are all the activities covered in the HRM concept?
7) Is HRM practice today still the same as in the past? Give an explanation
8) What did Osterby and Coster (1992) argue about?
9) Which words has HRM been taken over through the years?
10) How do Boxall and Purcell define HRM?
11) What does Watson add to this definition?
12) Give the different goals of HRM and explain each point with what themes they are
related to

HR - 1. Introduction to Human Resources

ex : encourage the application of an ethical approach to people management ⇒ethics, equality, not
discriminatory, etc.
13) What is the european model of HRM?
14) Make a list the of the different evolution of the HRM concept according to many
different authors
15) What are the characteristics of the European model?
16) What is the difference between hard and soft HRM models? Explain them and give their
advantages and disadvantages
Hard HRM model


Soft HRM model




17) What is HRM today? What are its new things? Is HRM still referred as a philosphy?

The practice of human resource management (Writing)

1) Make a list of possible questions you could ask to a candidate who is wanting to be hired
in the company you are Human Resources Manager in :

2) Which things/missions could disturb you as an HR professional?


HR - 1. Introduction to Human Resources

4) You are writing to a friend of yours about your current job which is getting harder and
harder. You are thinking of quitting it and becoming an HR professional.
Write a letter to her :

explaining your decision
analyzing the pros and cons of your decision
analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an HR professional
highlighting your professional and personal skills
talking about your interests that could interest the person you will be having a job interview

Conclude the letter by expressing uncertainty about your final decision.

Speaking : with me
Pronunciation : with me
Grammar : Questions documents


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