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Darlington Ecological Corridor
2017 season

Back at it !
The secret is in the plant pot …
With the return of warm weather, it is time to start planning our garden. Interested in gardening?
We have something for you! Following the success and use of the big plant pots that were made
available last year on Darlington street, we’re doing it again this summer!
Placed along the Darlington street you can easily and freely use one or more garden pots to grow
anything you want. Wondering how ? It’s very easy ! Send an email specifying you name and a
way to communicate with you at :
Talk to your friends about it !

Garden pots placement :


Soisson/Darlington intersection (4 pots)
Van Horne/Darlington intersection (12 pots)
Across the street from the Banque Laurentienne (4 pots)
Darlington Place (14 pots)
Near the fruit and vegetable store « Anka » (6 pots)

Winter is over, the forest is getting bigger
The fruit trees and fruit bushes that were planted last summer as part of a food producing forest
will use the summer to grow within their new home. The plum trees, the cherry, the peach trees,
the raspberry bush, hezels, ginger and others made it through the winter and will grow bigger and
bigger untill they start giving everyone access to their delicious treats a few years down the road.

Even in winter, it’s never over
If the field work slows down during winter this doesn’t mean nothing is happening. It’s the time of
the year when you get ready to maximize the efficiency of the progress of projects coming. In that
regard we participated in the David Suzuki fondation « Prix Action David Suzuki » in wich we
made it to the last 10 contestant all over Quebec.
This contest offered us an opportunity to develop a partnership with the David Suzuki fondation
and gain their support as this letter shows.
We will also work with the fondation on the protection of the Monarch butterfly.

Montréal, le 2 février 2017
Objet: Appui au Corridor Darlington
Madame, monsieur,
Au nom de la Fondation David Suzuki, je souhaite appuyer le Corridor
Darlington. Œuvrant depuis 25 ans pour protéger l’environnement et notre qualité
de vie, maintenant et pour l’avenir, la Fondation David Suzuki a acquis la conviction
que les véritables changements permettant de vivre en équilibre avec la nature qui
nous entourent partent des citoyens et de leur engagement. C’est pourquoi nous
avons créé en 2014 le Prix Action David Suzuki qui récompense l’engagement citoyen
en matière d’environnement au Québec.
À titre de finaliste de l’édition 2017 du Prix Action David Suzuki, le Corridor
Darlington s’est démarqué d’un lot de 150 initiatives et projets de toutes sortes
réalisés dans toutes les régions du Québec. Chacun des projets finalistes témoigne de
la créativité, de la détermination et de l’engagement de ceux qui l’ont initié et porté.
Derrière chacun de ces projets, on retrouve un groupe de citoyens passionnés et
déterminés à protéger notre environnement et à améliorer notre qualité de vie.
Chacun de ces projets est porteur d’espoir, porteur du changement nécessaire pour
créer ici et ailleurs des communautés durables et un avenir viable.
Au nom de toute l’équipe de la Fondation, je vous félicite pour votre engagement qui
est pour nous une source d’inspiration.
Karel Mayrand
Directeur général pour le Québec

Project for 2017
Bee Garden
In collaboration with the Jardin Chateaufort, SOVERDI, SOCENV and the cooperative Miel
Montréal, the slopes of the garden will be redesigned. At the intersection of Darlington and Van
Horne the steepness of the slopes of the garden make them unexploitable. This project aims at
offering more ressources such as flowers to pollinators while offering space for people to throught
as they’re will be a path on three levels to encourage people to discover the polinaors of our world

Made by Aurélie Noël, arch. pays., SOVERDI
This project is made possible by TD Bank as part of the TD friends of the Environment Foundation.
The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives for a better quality of life and
granted us a 15 000$ grant as part of the green space program.

The Human garden
The plantation of a forest composed of fruit trees and bushes is the start of bigger project
looking to give more room for gardening and food production in the public space While
respecting the city guidelines, the Human garden project is an open community garden
without any fence and open to everyone. We hope to build a strong local gardening
community with the gardeners using the big garden pots.

Pedestrians first on Louis-Collin avenue
There will be new pedestrian accomodations to change the development and use of the LouisCollin avenue in the black frame on the map. These accomodations will be chosen as part of a
contest happening from the 30th of march and the 5th of April between students of the Department
of Urban Development of Université de Montréal. The winning team will see her project
materialize during the summer of 2017.

Citizen roundtable discussion
As it has been done the last two years, a citizen roundtable discussion will be organized to present
the project to citizens in the neighborhood but mostly to exchange and talk about concerns and
existing local needs to find solutions within the project by developping more certain specific
aspects of it.
We are looking to set up a playful and insightful event in Darlington Place to give a better grasp
of the project to everyone.

Follow the trail
In partnership with the urban planning team of the Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
neighborhood, it has been decided that signs indicating the Ecological corridor trail will be placed
along the Darlington street during the summer. Keep an eye out for them !

If you want to know more about the project go on facebook and « like » the project’s page at :
or search for :
Corridor écologique et vivrier Darlington

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