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In 2015, the global sales of consumer electronics represented 1.771 million dollars
and online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart were the biggest actors1.
The development of this sector is directly linked to technological progress,
innovation and mass media. Therefore, it is a sector that changes rapidly and in
which consumers are easily influenced. That is why it is vital for a company that
would aim to enter such a competitive market to study deeply its potential.
This report concerns our group project research in which we decided to compare
two potential countries which would enable the French company Fnac to enter the
North American market of online retailing of consumer electronics. The two
countries we chose are Mexico and Canada and this report focuses on the Canadian
market research. Consequently, we chose to analyse if the Canadian market is a
suitable choice for the French company Fnac to expand its business into the sector
of online retail of consumer electronics.
Our group is composed of five people, Florent is the team leader, Clarisse and
Charline are both responsible of the general aspects of each country and Iman
and Océane are in charge of the consumer electronics market of these countries2.
As previously said, we decided to choose the company Fnac which is the Europe’s
leading company in the market of entertainment and electronic goods. The
company was founded in 1954 by André Essel and Max Théret who wanted to
facilitate the access of cultural goods to a large range of people.
We chose this company because its strategic objectives in 2015 were to reinforce
its position as one of the leader of the cultural and electronics sector and expand
its business in the world and throughout the internet. We also chose to only focus
our analysis onto the consumer electronics sector because it represents the largest
part of Fnac’s turnover3.
To begin with we will present Fnac: The European leader of consumer electronics.
Secondly, we will analyse the global aspects of Canada and its sector of online
consumer electronics which is already a well-established and developed sector.


Appendix 10: Sector profile: Consumer electronics (Canada, 2015)
Appendix 1: Project’s organisation chart
Appendix 3: Company profile Fnac, (World, 2015)