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Thirdly, we will gather the information into a SWOT analysis that will enable us to
study the viability of our project.
1. Fnac: France leading retailer which keeps growing
1.1. Overview of the company Fnac
Fnac is a French company created in 1954 which head office is established in Ivrysur-Seine near Paris in France. The company Fnac was created by two former
leftists, Max Théret and André Essel, and its full name “Fédération Nationale
d'Achat des Cadres”. Fnac is a Public Limited Company that is quoted on the Paris
Euronext stock exchange since 2013. Before taking its autonomy in 2013, it was
listed on a stock exchange within the Kering group (Puma, Gucci,) who separated
from Fnac to concentrate its activities in fashion and luxury.
Fnac is the French leader in the distribution sector of cultural products. In other
words, Fnac is the leader of the retail of books and tickets for events. Fnac is also
dedicated to the distribution of technological products such as televisions, video
games and computers. In 1954, the company sold cinematographic products but
soon began to diversify its range of items to propose various types of cultural and
technological products, from toys for kids to trips and from CDs to mobiles4. More
than 60 years after its creation, Fnac’s product categories are as many as over 20
categories, within which you can find thousands of different articles5.
Thanks to this constantly developing catalogue, Fnac keeps on expanding in
France. Its first store opened in Paris in 1957 and was the first step towards the
120 other stores in large French cities like Nice, Lyon or Strasbourg6. Very often,
Fnac stores are located in city centres or shopping centres where thousands of
people pass each day. However, the company has diversified its stores by offering
smaller stores in medium-sized cities and proximity stores in airports and train
Fnac has developed its business in France and other countries as well. The first
was Spain in 1993 followed by Portugal in 1998. A year later, the French company
crossed the Atlantic in order to open its first store in Brazil. Fnac has also opened


Appendix 4: Fnac product diversification since its creation
Appendix 2: Tree view of the organisation of Fnac activities
Appendix 5: Fnac’s stores geographical breakdown and dates of creation of the websites