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How to book your hippie house!

Merhaba kankas! If you read this lines it’s mean that you already booked your plane,
congrats for that! If you didn’t it’s because you are a bad boy! Shame! Shame…

As you will see the quality of the website is not good. So we thought that a bit of clearness
would be appreciated! Also you should know that the pictures of the rooms don’t match
with the real ones! Because they just renew them this year!

First of all If you are not so comfortable with turkish language you can select english on the
frame up-right of the screen. If there you see an icon for “flash player” click on it and
download the add-on and then you will be able to select a new language.

Secondly select on the up-left your Check in 26/07/2017 and Check out 30/07/2017.

Thirdly Choose your room! There is two categories: the dormitories and the bungalows.

The dormitories Count 4 simple beds. There are two kinds of dormitories. If you are a
ground person I advise you to take the option “Dormitory” and if you are more adventurous
you should take the “Tree House” to sleep on the trees !

On both of this options the term “room” refers to the number of beds that you want to book
while for bungalows the term “room” defines the number of bungalows you want.
example for dormitories : If you want to save one bed for you, select “1 adult” and “1
room”, and if you want to save for more people you just have to write the number of
“room” accord with the number of person you are booking for.

For the lovers here you will find the details of each types of bungalows :

● AC : With air conditional
● No AC : without air conditional
● BUNGALOW FRENCH BED : 1 king size bed for 1 or 2 person
● BUNGALOW TWIN BED : 2 single bed for 1-2 person
● BUNGALOW FRENCH + SNG : 1 King size bed and 1 single bed for 3 person

ex : If you you are with your lover I advise you to
book the french bungalows (AC/NOAC) and select
“2adults” and “1room”(bungalow).

Last step, Select “Online reservation” and complete
your personal and credit card informations like
Monsieur and Madame Jémalo did. Btw, they are
really happy to get rid of their only daughter (guess
her name) for this holiday!

In this frame fellas don’t forget to
write down “Ezgi and Matthieu
Tiercelin group” !

After have completed your bank informations and accepted the conditions you just have to
click on “Complete Reservation”. Don’t worry, no confirmation window will appear, that’s
normal! You will receive a confirmation mail soon. So do not push 15 times the button, just
wait for your mail. Then let us know on the facebook page when your work is down.

The reason why this website is not clear is because of the sudden closing of for
Turkey! Many hotel didn’t upload their platform. So don’t be afraid about the way it looks ;)

About the Izmir accommodation I suggest you to book one of this two hostel. They are really
nice, cheap, located in a good district, close to the wedding place and accessible by metro
from the airport :

● In House Hostel Izmir

● Shantihome Hostel Izmir

About the way Izmir -> Olympos we will arrange a big bus to take all of us.

Do not hesitate to contact us by Whatsapp. Here my number +905393832914, and here
Ezgi’s number +905395559190. To people who are not familiar with whatsapp I invite you to
clique on this.

We are really exciting for this event and so eager to see you again !

Big kiss and see you on the next tutorial ;)


Ezgi et Matou

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