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Guy Deltour
Rue de Tchaurlumont 4a
5560 Ciergnon (Belgique)
0032 (0) 474 69 36 56

Projet « Hôpital »

David de Graef : Peinture et conception.
Guy Deltour : Sculpture.

“Caduceus” and “Esculape"
represent the two pillars of health
care: medecine and farmacology .

The following paintings illustrate one
specific domain within medecine.
More than representing an aspect of
medical science, they try to
humanize medicine , and poetically
symbolize care taking .

“From the heart” and “the way to
your heart”
Are an approach to cardiology.

“The anatomy lesson” is an allegory
of Rembrandts famous painting.
It illustrates radiology and medical

“DNA” (diptych above, make shure you see
the two paintings next to each other, and not
underneath each other)
DNA, love and polarity, represented as a
melted together trinity.
Opposites attract: through love, mother
nature makes us unite genetical variations,
and thus can improve species generation
after generation.
Note the analogy with the oriental yan-ying
symbol: each others opposite , and bearing
in their head a reflected image of each

“Family spirit” is about
physiotherapy and revalidation.
Note that the spine is composed of
older hands underneath towards
baby hands above:
I was thinking about feminity, as the
spine of the family three .

“Mother nature” Illustrating

a detail out of “New life”, a wall
painting on wood.
This wooden wall painting
encourages to find so to say
accidental shapes in the wood

“The crown prince” painted on
belgian blue stone.

"Le passage", à propos de la
Lorsque nous illustrons des
concepts qui nous rappellent des
sujets désagréables comme la
maladie et la mort,
Il est important de faire rayonner la
lumière et l'optimisme.
Ici, j'ai représenté très vieillesse
comme une belle réussite.

The next three paintings are a
triptych for pediatrics, entitled “hear,
see and be silent”

“The inner man”, an Oncologyc
fantasy landscape.

“balance” about the meaning of
pharmacology . Note the detail of
the heart and mind being balanced.
The latin words on the flasks don’t
refer to products , but to care
taking .

“Think” about Neurology and
intellectual development.

“Breath” (diptyhc above and
underneath) about pneumology

The five following paintings are
inspired by ophthalmology .

"The mirror”

“Eye contact”



“Focus on infinity”

“the medical library”
This is a chapter on its own, since I
spent a lot of related projects to
sharing knowledge,
medical science and wisdom
through books.

“New insights” is a preliminary
illustration of a huge sculpture :
The book stack in the middle of the
painting is currently being sculpted
by the Belgian sculptor Guy Deltour
(lower part in belgian blue stone)
The suspended part is made out of
light weight resin .
With an (adaptable) height of 9
meters, it is ment for a big Hall.

“New insights”

This carved bas is 3 meters tall.

The books will be painted with
medical themes like these:

This is a wilder mural I painted
around the same theme

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