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school student seeking revenge.
Huh? What's that?
Fugitive ninjas, or ninjas from small villages or other organizations that don't
fall under one of the major faction. A kind of home-grown ninja.14
Ah, that might work. I wanted his grandfather to teach him ninpo after his
parents were killed.
All right, write Haguremono down for your faction. Characters from this faction
specialize in Stealth. They're good at hiding, spying, and the like.
They're ninjas, shouldn't they all be specialists in stealth?
Ah... In "Shinobigami," Stealth is a group of skills used for hiding and spying.
And you also have ninpo, which can produce various special effects.
Okay, okay, so ninjutsu are skills, and ninpo are special abilities.
Now that you've got that down, next you should decide on a Cover15. This is
the facade you present to normal society.
I'm a high schooler, obviously!
Okay. Since this scenario takes place in a high school, that works great. If for
some reason you can't think of one, there's also the Cover table16. But since you have a clear
image of what you want to do, it's best to go with that17.
So what's next?
{{p12}}Kawashima:Next you choose your Conviction18. This is the core of your character's
personality. If, during the course of the game, you're at a loss as to what to do, you can roleplay
following your conviction. It's like a compass in troubled seas. There are six different types of
convictions, and you can choose one of them.
<<looking at the rules>> There's a table for this too, eh? I'm gonna try rolling
this time. <<rolls>> 5. "Loyalty19.”
"Loyalty" says, "You are sympathetic towards your faction/clan, a certain ideal,
or a person, and would sacrifice yourself for them."
It doesn't feel like a Haguremono would have a faction to pledge his loyalty to.
It doesn't.
Hmm. I guess that means I'll devote myself to my grandfather who taught me
I see. Makes sense.
Except my grandfather is dead20. <<laughs>>
Is that so? <<nervous>>
Yep. But I still hold my devotion to my grandfather's teachings. Sometimes,
he'll appear in flashbacks21.
Okay, I guess that works. It's pretty cool.
All right. Next you choose your skills. Check out the skill list on the character
Home-grown ninja – A type of ninja who is taught ninjutsu by a member of their family, whose only background is
their own home. They could also be part of a branch family loosely affiliated with their family head, or a ninja
created through artificial means.
Cover – Of course, when filling out forms, you can always write "ninja" as your occupation. But you might get some
pretty sad looks from people.
Cover table – Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with all the little details for your character. "Shinobigami" has
numerous tables that you can roll on whenever that happens.
Since you have a clear image of what you want to do, it's best to go with that – Of course, those tables are only
there if you can't come up with anything. The player's ideas are what's most important.
Conviction – All ninjas have a conviction, or conversely, there is no such thing as a ninja who doesn't believe in
something. When your job involves fighting superhuman opponents beyond the realm of human experience, such
a thing is absolutely necessary.
Loyalty – While I daresay that loyalty is a virtue in warrior societies, since the ninjas of "Shinobigami" are part of the
modern world, there is a tendency to over-conflate classical ninja with the samurai.
Except my grandfather is dead – This happens to the elderly, from time to time.
Flashbacks – For example, while Eito is fighting a powerful enemy, the screen might change to a sepia tone and the
scene will cut to a silhouette of his grandfather, teaching a young Eito some obtuse lesson on the finer points of
ninjutsu. Then, when things return to normal, suddenly Eito is stronger!