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Whoa whoa whoa. There are so many of them.
Since Eito's specialty is Stealth, first fill in all the little spaces in the gaps on
each side of the Stealth heading.
Okay. What do these mean?
Okay, first let me explain how skill checks22 work. In this game, you roll 2D6,
and if the result is equal to or greater than the target number, you succeed23.
That's simple enough. How do you find the target number?
It depends on which skill you are using for the check. Let's say you're spying
on someone, and it seems like they're about to discover you, so you fake the sound of a cat, you
would make a skill check using Ventriloquism24.
Ahh, very ninja-ish.
So, if you have the Ventriloquism skill, your target number is 5. But if you don't
have it, you substitute a different skill25 that you do have. Find the skill that you have that's
closest to the one required by the check, and count how many spaces separate them.
So what if, for example, I had Performance?
Ventriloquism and Performance are 4 spaces away from each other, right? So
you would increase the target number by 4, for a total of 9.
Ah, so you count this skill and the white spaces between them.
Exactly. It represents how it is easy to apply skills in the same field to each
other, but harder for ones in a different field. But, when you filled in those spaces to the side of the
Ninjutsu box, that means that you don't have to count them.
So that means I'm also pretty skilled at Martial Arts and Scheming.
It does. So keeping that in mind, choose three skills from the Stealth field, and
any other three skills you want.
Okay. Let's go with Multiplicity and Ventriloquism. What else...
If you only focus on skills that are close to each other, then you'll have a
higher chance of succeeding at your specialties, but you'll also lose some versatility. But since this
is your first time, it's okay to go with whatever image you have in your head.
It seems like it would be good to pick some that are further away. Let's go with
Infiltration. And I wanted to be a flame user, so I'll take Pyromancy and Analysis...and let's go with
All right. Now that you're done with skill selection, let's move on to the best
part of "Shinobigami," choosing your ninpo.
Just then, the doorbell rings.
Three men have arrived.

3. The Players Arrive
The three of them all differ in their builds and features, but each is the bearer of a fierce and
determined expression.
"Well well well. Ochiai, you're playing a Haguremono?"
The first is a craggy-looking man. His physique, for lack of a better word, is thick. His name is

Skill check – A rule used to determine how well a ninja does whenever he attempts something.
Roll 2D6, and if the result is equal to or greater than the target number, you succeed – If the target number is
7, and the numbers on the dice are equal to 7, or a number larger than 7, then you're okay.
Ventriloquism – For normal people, ventriloquism is when you can make yourself talk without actually moving your
lips. Ninjas can do that as well, along with being able to squeeze out any number of other sounds from their
Substitute a different skill – A ninja's skill, or "ninjutsu," consist of a large network of things that all relate to each
other. If you are good at one, then you'll be able to use others as well.