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When these lists will be ready, a Committee composed by INNOLABS, UAB, INNOVABIC, MUAS, GIRAF
will proceed to select final champions (10 people). Considering the composition of the consortium,
minimum one champion per 5TOI_4EWAS MENA Country partner will be selected. The selected
successful candidates will be invited for a short 10-15 minutes interview, for English skills final
As required by the above-mentioned Code of Conduct, the Selection Committee will bring together
diverse expertise and competences, with an adequate gender balance and, include members from
different sectors (public and private) and disciplines; and with relevant experience to assess the
A “Selection Kit” created by INNOLABS and composed by a letter of invitation, an electronic leaflet with
a brief presentation of the activities that will be implemented in the frame of 5TOI_4EWAS Project and
the cost procedures to be followed will be sent to each selected participant at least 1 month before the
beginning of the secondment.

Each secondment will last 1 month. The participation will be facilitated through scholarships. Each
person involved in this kind of secondment will receive a reimbursement of 1.500,00 Euros (managed
by the hosting institutions). The hosting institutions will receive 1.000,00 Euros per participant per
month to cover travel and accommodation costs and all costs for necessary teaching materials required
during the whole period of Secondment.


Publication of TOR in member countries


Deadline of the call of the proposals


Evaluation and selection


Information of the applicants

Depends on each participants immediate available date

Start of the secondments

The call will be published on each MENA Country’s website and disseminated in the MPC and EU region
through the 5TOI_4EWAS partners.


R&I H2020 Champions training - ToR