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Payment Receipts for IV Case BMB2009535104
AOS Fee Payment Receipt Details


The following details the payment status of the AOS Fee for the immigrant visa
case of SMITA DIPESH JADAV, case number BMB2009535104.
Payment Status: PAID
Payment Amount: $420.00
Payment of Services Initiated: 20-MAR-2009 08:16:30
Payment Processed Date: 21-MAR-2009
Payer: *!$!6 3MITA $
Payer Email:
Transaction ID: 25VDCKGB
A payment status of IN PROCESS means the transaction is still being
processed. A payment status other than PAID indicates that the Department of
State has not received the funds.
GUPTA, MANISHA, the petitioner of BMB2009535104, also filed
petitions for the following unmarried son(s), unmarried daughter(s), and/or
parent(s) processing at the National Visa Center. As these petitions were at the
National Visa Center when the AOS payment was made, the submission of an
AOS Fee Payment for this case will satisfy the AOS fee requirement for them.


Case Number AOS Fee Status


Eligible for Further

* Cases that are marked as Not Eligible for Further Processing should have received correspondence previously from the
National Visa Center indicating the reason that the cas is Not Eligible for Further Processing. If you believe that this
message is incorrect, please contact the NVC using the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Next Steps
If the current payment status is not PAID, sign in to this case again in 2-3 business days to


Receipt Page

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check for an updated status. Once the Payment Status is PAID you must print out the
Document Cover Sheet and attach it to the documents sent to NVC. You should then go to
the NVC web page for further directions.

Paid Transactions
For each payment with a Payment Status of PAID, print a copy of the Document Cover Sheet
(one for the paid AOS fee and one for the paid IV application processing fees(s)). The
Document Cover Sheet will provide you with a correct address to which you must return
your documents now that you have paid your fees. Failure to use the Document Cover Sheet
will result in a delay in processing.


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