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Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers

Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers

Generated Thursday 27th of April 2017 12:21:30 PM

Porteath Bee Centre &amp; Craft
Wadebridge, St Breock , Cornwall , PL27 6RA

Tea Rooms &amp; Bee Supplies, Bees Wax Candles, Furniture Polishes, Educational Talks, Living Honey Bee Exhibition, Honey, Visit
Our Products Online | Phone: 01208221722

Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers in Cornwall

19 Muirfield House, Home Farm, Bracknell , Bracknell Forest , RG12 8ZQ

- Apiarist 18 Years Experience, Collection Of Honey Bee Swarms, Removal &amp; Relocation OfBumble Bees. 20 Mile Radius Of
Bracknell. Some Local Hive Produce | Phone: 07950314514

Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers in Bracknell Forest

Pebadale Apiaries
37 Cecil Rd, Broxbourne , Hertfordshire , EN8 8TN

We Have Answers, Bee Problems Or Questions, Other Hive Products, For More Info Call, Local Honey Supplier | Phone:

Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers in Hertfordshire

The Cornish Bee Farm
Little Park Hoskyn, Kenwyn , Cornwall , TR4 9NA

Bee &amp; Wasp Pest Control, 7 Days A Week, Swarms Not Killed, Swarms Collected &amp; Saved, Friendly Efficient Service |
Phone: 01872554165

Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers in Cornwall

A1 Tree &amp; Garden Services
8 Campbell Avenue, Leek , Staffordshire , ST13 5RP

Honey For Sale, Wasp Nests Removed, - Bee Swarms Collected Free | Phone: 01538713236

Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers in Staffordshire
31 Delius Way, Corringham , Thurrock , SS17 8RG

Beeswax Candles, Facecream, Scented Beeswax Candles, Infused Honey, Bag For Life, Boutique Honey, Honey &amp; Honey
Products, Ethical management | Phone: 07747561121

Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers in Thurrock

Mr Wasp
114 King George V Drive North, Rhiwbina , Cardiff , CF14 4EJ

35 Yrs Experience, Family Firm, Barry, 24/7 Emergency Service, Chepstow, Newport, Bridgend, Bees Relocated Where Possible,
Pontypridd, Cardiff | Phone: 01656349812

Beekeepers &amp; Bee Farmers in Cardiff

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