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Photo Cavani

70th minute, Edinson Cavani scored the
fourth and last goal of an incredible night in a
2 Parc des Princes in fire. (PSG 4-0 Barcelone)

Photo cavani




Ciao Claudio !

King of England with Leicester last year, the
Italian trainer Claudio Ranieri was
dismissed from his func;ons on Thursday
22 February, nine months a@er one of the
most beau;ful story ever in football.
Things go undoubtedly very fast in football.
Leicester, modest club among the Manchester United, Liverpool,
Arsenal or Chelsea, wrote probably the most beau;ful page in the
english football story. Fantas;c players as Riyad Mahrez, Jamie
Vardy or Ngolo Kanté, the King Power Stadium with his amazing fans
and of course one coach, the main protagonist of this ;tle, Claudio
Ranieri. And it’s the same brilliant Claudio Ranieri who was just
sacked one month ago like this achievement wasn’t enough to
demonstrate his capaci;es.
Why ?
Indeed, even if we all recognize the talent of this coach but we have
to admit the difficul;es for Leicester this season in Premier League (6
wins, 6 nils, 14 defeats). The next day a@er the honorable defeat
against Seville ( 2-1 ) in 1/8th final of the Champions League, the
compe;;on that includes the modest Foxes for the first ;me of their
history, the ex-coach of Monaco - elected Trainer Of The Year 2016
by the Fifa just a few weeks before, pays the bad first part of season
of his team, classified 17th of the Premier League. But we didn’t let
him just the end of the season to save Leicester from the relega;on
and con;nue their adventure in Champions League
This episode proves us one more ;me that football has a very short
But we will surely see Claudio Ranieri on a bench again for the next
season, why not in Lyon ? @JM_Aulas





Fair & Success week
Durant / Westbrook
Formula 1



La Joconde
Edinson is finally happy ! AGer 3
years in the shadow of Zlatan
Ibrahimovic, El Matador is officially
the striker number one of PSG.
Probably in his best season of his
carreer, the urugayan goleador is the
best european scorer ( 37 goals in 34
games ) and he is surely one of the
best strikers in the world today.

Adios Zlatan
To understand the impressive mental
of Edinson Cavani, we have to
remember that during three long
years he was forced to play on the
right wing and not in his real striker
posiPon because of Zlatan. A lot of
strikers would not accept that and
would be able to leave as soon they
get the opportunity, but he stayed
focus and he succeeded to score 81
goals in 148 games during these first
three years in Paris. This season he
proves to the whole world that
moreover to be a great teammate
and a great exemple of mentality for
all, he is a f***ing striker and soon he
will be part of the hearts of PSG fans if
it’s not already done.

A radiant man
Edinson Cavani is for this season that
his friend Luis Suarez was for the last
season : an efficient monster in
complete success. As a result, we
begin to wonder what can be the
secret of this man to make the nets
tremble so many Pmes. Are the new
Hypervenom III of Nike he’s wearing
on his feet? The hard work? The
talent? Or all of these at the same
8 Pme?

To know about him a li]le more, our
colleagues from the french paper « 20
Minutes » wanted to drill the mystery.
They met the naPve from Salto in a
parisian hotel and found a Cavani calm
and focus on the big decisive game against
Barcelona in Champions League, he came
back on his season, his feelings and his
love for the city of Paris and the club of
Paris-Saint-Germain. « I didn’t even think
once of leaving Paris, I enjoy every
moment here » asserted the striker.

« I have the scorer ins;nct in me »

A pretender for the Ballon d’Or
Why not ? Let’s imagine that he will finish
at the end of the season on the top of the
best european scorers, all the french Ptles
and cups in the pocket and an impressive
journey in Champions League, Edinson
Cavani will be easily in the favorites for
this football Graal. Of course he’s not
talented like Leo Messi or CrisPano
Ronaldo and PSG is not an insPtuPon of
football as Barcelona or Real Madrid, but if
it was Pme to see a surprise ? AGer nine
years of a reign Ronaldo/Messi, maybe it’s
Pme to football to have an all new king.
But Edinson Cavani is not the only
pretender, Neymar, Lewandowski, Sergio
Ramos are all here to react from an
eventual fall from the argenPnianportuguese duet. As there is not a World
Cup or an Euro this summer, the
Champions League will probably elect the
new (or not) king.
*This arPcle was wri]en before BarcelonaPSG.



PSG Goals 2016/17




Goals scored
by 90min


without penalty

















Football is crying…

The french legend of
Stade de Reims and Real
Madrid, Raymond Kopa,
died this 3rd March 2017
in Angers during his 85th
year. First french Ballon
d’Or of the history, Kopa
was one of the first
« arPst-player » in the
world, he inspired many
generaPons,we are his
inheritance… Thank you


That's it. MarPn Fourcade is from now on the unique holder of the number of victories
in a season. To KonPolahP, the French unstoppable gained its 13th race of the season
by removing the sprint and the 12 Ole Einar Bjørndalen's successes daPng 2004/2005.
Fourcade also offered himself the small globe of the speciality.

SPll far from 94 victories
of the Norwegian in world SUCCESS
championship (Fourcade
has 62), he demonstrates
every season his increase
in power, and it at only 28
years. He is now with 6
World cup won at the
conPnuaPon there, and
seems untouchable in his
discipline. Indeed, he took
away during the season
2016/2017 5 sprints, 6
pursuit, 1 individual stage
and finally one “mass
start”. Simply enormous.


Season’s beginning Status:
Cleveland is the defending champion,
very few changes in the squad (Moe
Williams departure / Chris Andersen's
arrival) We do not change a winning
team. Cleveland is widely the best in the
east and favorite for a back to back (two
Ptles in a row).
All Star Games break status:
AGer a very good start to the season, the
LeBron’s squad suffered some avoidable
defeats, due to injure of two players of
the five major: JR Smith and Kevin Love,
but also to a bench not strong enough to
hold the house (No replacement or K.
Irving aside from the rookie Felder).
Thanks to several shouts of "King
James », Cleveland will be recruiPng
some good players in the league,
including experienced players: K. Korver
(shooPng guard), Derrick Williams (small
forward), Deron Williams (point guard),
A.Bogut (center), the la]er unfortunately
w o u n d e d a G e r 5 8 s o f p l a y . T o
compensate for this new injury, they will
trust L. Sanders (center).
End of Season Status:
Cleveland is sPll first in the East
conference, but the CelPcs and Wizards
are on the lookout. However, with the
gradual returns of all their important
players to a compePPve level, the
balance of the champion who reborn
and the duo L. James - K. Irving crushing
everything on their trail, the Ohio team
is more than ready to go look for this
second ring in a row. But first, it’s
playoffs Pme.



Season’s beginning Status:
The warriors are back this season,
revanching this lost final, aGer leading 3-1
against the Cavaliers. But the arrival of
K.Durant in the team raises the quesPon of
everyone. For the arrival of such a player
forced them to review all their tacPcs of
play. Either the warriors will explode all the
league or they will explode in flight.
However, they remain the favorites in their
western conference and the second best
contender for the final Ptle.
All Star Games break status:
The warriors made an excellent start of the
season, although with more defeats than
last year (NBA record 73-9) but be]er
management of the workforce to avoid
injuries and Predness at the end of the
season. Lead by a conquering K.Durant (he
has not yet been NBA champion), the
beast D.Green, a K.thompson as clean as
usual without forgevng the sniper S. Curry
sPll as strong at three points, this team
play very well and is very hard to beat. At
this Pme of year: advantage for Oackland
for the Ptle race, but the season is far from
End of Season Status:
The end of the season is more difficult to
manage for the warriors, indeed K.D is
injured and should return just before the
playoffs, but will he be ready for such a
level? In addiPon, S.Curry don’t play well
and the warriors lose several Pmes in a
row, which allowed the Spurs to move
closer to the first place. Is there a problem
in the locker room? The future will tell us
but the Oackland Bay team will need K.
Durant to pick up the Ptle.



he best player of the 2013-14 season and quadruple best NBA
scorer leG Oklahoma City and signed a two-years, $ 54 millions
contract with the Oakland franchise, Golden State Warriors.
The struggle rages between
Russell Westbrook, his
former teammate Kevin
Durant. A dual to distance,
t h e d u r a P o n a n d t h e
intensity. Would he be the
first in the history as the
oldest teammates shooPng.

the hat for the Ptle of best player this season? The answer is "no" since in
the mid-2000s, Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki finished on the podium
27,2 aGer the Canadian Dallas leG
Westbrook, saw a teammate whiches contribuPon didn‘t
22,4 compensated this summer. The number 0 marked 8 points more
than the year past. There isn‘t co-franchise players, he is the team

7,1 6,1



leader, and all the balls pass goes to
him. He disPlled 11.3 passes this
year, one more than last season. His
acPvity allows him to catch 10.8
Rebounds, three more than the past.

Points Per Rebounds Per Assists Per
Kevin Durant was perfectly melted in the collecPve of Steve Kerr where there
wasn’t necessary a place for him in there. AGer a first half of the season, the
player aligned substanPally the same stats as last year. In the long term, the
summer choice of Kevin Durant, the least risky sporPng, has logically more chance
to pay at the level of the prize list. Russell Westbrook is also in the process of
detonaPng the counters and proving that he can succeed without "KD", in regular
season at least.




Federer, but also Andre Agassi,
Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.
Roger Federer hopes to pursue
another five years at the highest
level. The old former world number
one doesn’t finish his career so soon.
The one who won his fiGh Australian
Open in January can sPll raise many
other trophies before bowing out.
Prior to his entry into the Indian
Wells Masters 1000, Roger Federer
told children he hoped to play unPl
he was 40 years old. "I hope to play
up to 90 years. (Laughs). No more
seriously, it would be nice to play
another five years, so unPl the age of
40 "
So we can hope to see reverses to a
long-handed hand as only Roger
knows how to do. Rivalry with Rafael
Nadal can keep us going for half a
decade. Roger Federer fans will sPll
be able to a]end many games and
exploits of their legend. T.M.


With 18 Ptles under his belt, Roger
Federer is simply the most Ptled
champion in Grand Slam history,
including the pre-Open era. He went
beyond Pete Sampras’s 14 Ptles in
his Wimbledon victory in 2009.
Jimmy Connors pays for his lack of
parPcipaPon in the Australian Open,
like Björn Borg. Indeed, for a long
Pme, the Melbourne tournament
was not a priority for the players
because it was disputed far from the
United States and Europe, and
during the holiday season.
Roger Federer is also the most
complete champion. None of the
other five legends of modern tennis
has managed
to win at least once
each Grand Slam tournament. They
are only eight in the history of tennis
to have achieved this performance
and only four in the Open era.

Laver Cup :

Historical duo

Roger Federer who "always wanted to play with Rafa", may realize his dream
during the "Laver Cup", a new compePPon organized outside the circuit ATP.
Modeled on the Ryder Cup model in golf, with an opposiPon between Europe and
the rest of the world, the first ediPon of this new tennis event is scheduled from 22
to 24 September in Prague.
A duet of dream: the two stars Roger creaPon of this compePPon, the Swiss
Federer and Rafael Nadal could play champion will be present in Prague, as will
together in double during the Laver Nadal, his great rival, to represent Europe.
Cup in September in Prague
Seeing the two world tennis giants
"I always wanted to play with Rafa ... associated in a double could soon become
just because our rivalry was so reality.
special," said Switzerland's Federer. Although the Laver Cup doesn’t allow
Despite the already busy schedule of players to win points in the world
the world tennis, the organizers found rankings, Federer said the tournament will
a small Pme at the end of September, be "tough" with "tough matches". Each
but this tournament will only take team will compose of six players and one
place over three days with three captain. The two captains will be the two
singles and a double on the program legends of tennis, the Swedish Björn Borg
of each day. At the iniPaPve of the
for the European team and the American
John McEnroe for the rest of the world.


Grand Slam








The social network Twi]er is oGen used during sports events.
The goal is to comment on the game facts. On February 25,
2017, on the occasion of the match Ireland - France, the
#Amosrugby was out of the lot. So we present some of the
best tweets of this event.

Pro Clubs – FIFA 17
You want to create a team
with your friends where
evrybody plays a their own
player. Now it’s possible.
This not the most famous
game mode of FIFA, but it’s
maybe the funniest for you
and your friends. Indeed, in
this mode you can create
your club, your jersey and
choose your stadium. Each
member plays one player, if
you are not eleven, a player
will have to manage the rest
o f t h e t e a m . Y o u r
objec;ves : become the First
Division’s champion !
In 2017, the new game
Handball 17 is now in store
but unfortunately for the
fans, it’s as bad as every
year. Indeed the game is very
disappoinPng, the game
designs not up to the games
that come out at the same
P m e ( F I F A 1 7 / 2 K 1 7 ) .
Obviously the fault to a
smaller budgetand a less
interest from gamers, but it’s
pity for a sport that is
growing in popularity. The
o t h e r p r o b l e m i s t h a t
compePPon is very tough
between sports games, it’is a
fairly closed market
Handball 17


Alexandre Lacaze]e celebraPng his amazing goal
against AS Roma
(Lyon 4-2 Roma, eight round of Europa League)

Formula 1

New regulaPons: a second breath for the discipline?
This season marks the renewal for
the motorsport in lack of compePPveness.
A lot of old regulaPons was useless and
many spectators preferred to escape the
bench. With the last wins of the German
team Mercedes, the FIA decided

F1 Cars
regulations 2017

to change the regulaPons for the cars.
Ferrari or Red Bull hopes to take the first
places of Mercedes, impossible in the
past three years. Then, real change in the
hierarchy or new decade of a German

F1 Cars
regulations 2016


200 mm



245 mm


Track width
2 000 mm


325 mm wide

305 mm




Track width
1 800 mm


405 mm wide


Lower and

Well, but it changes what?
In fact, the Formula 1 one took a Pght bend: it makes or
breaks. It was necessary to make changes aGer the
numerous errors of the past (no provisioning, a single
manufacturer). And it would be possible well that this
year we can a]end fast races, because we consider that
Formula 1 will be the fastest never piloted. The increase
of the size of the wheels and the much more aggressive
profile will allow the pilots to lead more quickly in the bends.
It will be good for spectators to see many overtaking, but the biggest problems for drivers

is the massive use of penalty on behalf of the marshals of races. For example, in 2015,
McLaren received a total of 320 places of penalPes on the starPng grid, for these two
pilots (165 for Bu]on, 155 for Alonso). A figure hallucinaPng, which thus oGen forced
single-seaters English to dash of the bo]om of the railing, the consequence of their
difficulPes with the engine Honda. B.P.


Any surprises ?
This year can be the resurrecPon of old
champions. Three years of Mercedes’s
dominaPon, with always Rosberg and Hamilton
on the podium.
If the FIA wanted to change the regulaPons, it’s
also to give a chance for Ferrari and Red Bull to
be rivals with the German brand.
Even though Mercedes’s motors stay the best,
all the aerodynamics have been changed and it
is probably on this side that the rival stables are
going to maximize their chances to compete.
The pilots also moved during the break,
and aGer
the shock announcement of the
retreat of Rosberg, the most likely candidate
was the one chosen: Bo]as. He is young, welldriver and proved during three years his
capacity to be on the podium. Now with
Mercedes, he is expected to win a lot and to
give some problems at his English teammates.
We waited a good season for the old-new
partnership between Honda and McLaren. If
McLaren hadn’t any problems with his motors,
maybe Alonso and especially

Vandoorne can do something. It is
embarrassing because the BriPsh team said
in the past 3 years that it has the best
Frustrated it’s probably the best word
to define Ve]el past year. Explosion of motor
or Kvyat which put twice by the back, Ve]el
waited a lot of this season. And we saw
another part of SebasPen, with a lot of rage,
not very applied to drive correctly.
Finally, this season seems that of a
revival. It is very possible that we a]end
races with strong intensity, and hopes that it
is to the advantage of a Mercedes's rival

@Bap;stePillas 19



Mass cultural phenomenon, eSport has developed exponenPally for more than ten
years in the four corners of the earth. This growth is naturally accompanied by a
process of professionalisaPon for all the professions of the eSport, although there are
strong dispariPes between naPons and conPnents.

E-sport, as it’s called, is none other than are qualified as compePPve player,
electronic sports or pro gaming, which refers pro-gamers or cyber-athletes. OGen
to the online or local compePPon for mulPassimilated to "nolife", teenagers
player video games. The word "e-sport" was without friends in the process of
created on the same idea as "e-mails" social exclusion at low school level
between "electronic" and "sport". This according to the mentality of
principle of "intellectual" sport comparable to people, whereas these in reality
chess or poker defines a use not as "casual" discover impressive capaciPes like
video game as an opPon of relaxaPon but as a really good eyesight, decisionway to show its skills and talent against other making, mulP-tasking and efficacy
players. These players of compePPon
for team work. The vision of
professionalisaPon is very different
according to the conPnents.
A l l v i d e o g a m e s s u p p o r P n g
mulPplayer games are likely to be
part of the electronic sport, only a
limited number of games are
a v a i l a b l e . T h e m a i n g a m e s
represented are StarCraG 2,
H e a r t h s t o n e , C a l l O f D u t y ,
Raimbow Six, Ba]lefield, CounterStrike, Dota 2, League of Legends.
They are present in the main
compePPons worldwide, online or
in LAN.

A huge number of viewers

Recently bought by the website Amazon for the sum
of 970 million dollars. Twitch is the official eSports
broadcast channel. Streaming sites such as Twitch, or
YouTube channels, have contributed significantly to
the development of the eSport by broadcasPng
content that regularly a]racts thousands of viewers
every day. The growing interest in this new discipline
in vogue conPnues to a]ract more and more people.
For example, the League of Legends final in 2013
a]racted more than 32 million viewers, overtaking
some sports currently televised.

Major brands are
investing in eSports

eSports and Football

Brand participation
in on an upswing in
Global markePng agency has seen
potenPal in integraPng brands in
eSports as it is a]racPng huge
audiences globally




FIFA tournaments are growing all over the world, so
much so that the clubs have come to the conclusion
that it is important to be a part of virtual football! For
example, PSG, Lyon, Manchester City, West Ham...
have recruited FIFA "pros" (world champion, ex-world
champion, winner of e-football league, ...) to be
represented of these events. Lyon have recently
formalized the creaPon of its Chinese eSports team. In
France, the LFP, in associaPon with ES Sports, will set
up the E-League 1, with two tournaments per year.

Compe;;ons already developed

The ESL (Electronic Sport League) and the ESWC
(eSports World ConvenPon) took an enormous weight
in e-sport, creaPng their own global LAN (Local Area
Network)compePPon in partnership. The ESL in a few
figures is 5 million users, 100,000 teams, 22 million
games played. The site offers a consistent acPvity with
regular events and rewards. The most acPve games are
mainly mulP-player (oGen 5 to 5): League of Legend,
Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Counter strike, Dota.
Participants are
making a living out
of eSports


Million USD


Paid as prize money in one of the
leading eSports championships
and the prize money set to soar
in the next few year

The big boys are
coming to represent
talent in eSports
has acquired

A full service e Sports talent agency
and will represent eSports teams like

eSports revenue growth

ESports is developing at a very high speed, since 2014
we have seen a very significant increase in revenues
related to its acPvity: media rights, merchandise &
Pcket, online aderPsing, brand partnerships, addiPonal
game publisher investment. According to YoY 194
Millions of dollars in 2014, 325M (+67.4%) in 2015, then
463M (+42.6%) in 2016, and even 1072M (+40.7%) in
2019 according to esPmaPon of CAGR.


Don’t forget : Our special edition,
about Paris 2024, still in the kiosk !



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