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Welcome to Aulingue! []
“Aulingue” is a portmanteau word made up of the first syllable of autism; that
is, “au-“, and “lingue” refers to the universe of language and linguistics. Please note
that Aulingue’s pronunciation is in French – for now – and its pronunciation is
written in the International Phonetic Alphabet above.
Did you know that, according to a study published by Statistics Canada in
2005, the companies related to the language industry generated above 404,1 M
dollars in Canada’s economy?
Did you know that, at least in Quebec, there is an unemployment rate of 50 to
75% among – so-called functional – autistic adults due to senseless prejudices and
clichés? Thus, these prejudices and clichés deprive the Canadian economy of a
workforce that could be very qualified in many diferrent domains, such as
engineering, computer sciences, biology, translation, sociology and so on.
Aulingue is a consultation and popularisation company which specialises in
autistic spectrum disorders and language. To Aulingue, these two specialties that are
language and ASD have been holding a prominent place in society, as language is
present in every aspect of human life in addition to the public, the employers and the
governments being more and more well informed about autistic spectrum disorders.
Are you learning a language and you are about to give up because you do not
understand – say – a grammatical notion and no one – even the Internet – is able to
respond to your questions? Do you know, among your relatives and friends, someone
with ASD? Would you like your family to understand this person better? Would you
like society to accept this person better?
You have got a very important job interview in, say, Brazil, Thailand or
Iceland and you do want to know more about the do’s and don’ts in order to look
and succeed better in your host culture and even the Internet did not manage to
respond conveniently to your curiosity.

No worries! Aulingue is there to respond to your needs and questions,
whether you are a professional, a curious person, an employeer, a father or a mother,
an autist, a non-autist, and so forth.
At Aulingue, integrity, respect, improvement of knowledge and
popularisation, mutual aid, bilinguism, security and open-mindedness are all
benchmark qualities for our staff. And, as would say the founder, “my job: autist”
and “languages in all of their aspects with Couture.”
And last, please note that Aulingue also offers services in computer graphics.
In order to have a detailed list of our services, please do not hesitate to communicate
with us!
Best regards,

Dominic Couture
Aulingue’s owner

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