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The New E65
The E65 marks the start of a completely new era in BMW design in which the individual
characteristics of the different series will once again be more clearly defined. No other
model re-launch in the recent history of the company has seen such a major leap in visual
styling as the new 7 series.
The new lines and proportions give expression to the brand qualities of dynamic style and
a challenging, cultured character. The proportion create a different impression
depending on the viewpoint of the observer. Contrasting features such as short and long,
high and wide, angular and curved merge seamlessly in fluid combination.


The front retains the typical BMW kidney grille and double headlights. The “eyes”
however, always the most telling feature of a face, have been remodeled. They extend
elegantly into the sides of the front fenders, emphasized by the direction indicators forming
a delicate “eye-liner” above the double headlamps. Even at night the E65 is unmistakably
a BMW, identified by the shape and power of the bi-xenon headlights and the four wave
guide light rings.

E65 Introduction