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The instrument panel has been full redesigned and addresses driver and front passenger
alike. All driver controls are arranged within the driver’s immediate line of sight and reach,
while all convenience functions are equally easily visible and accessible from both front
Large expanses of wood, high quality fabric and leather upholstery and the subtle texturing
of the cockpit surfaces set a distinctive tone. All plastic components are finished in a fine
textured coating and frequently used contact surface are highlighted in a metallic finish.
A variety of types of wood and upholstery fabrics, classical and modern interior color
schemes and exterior paint finishes with new and unusual metallic effects lend the E65 a
wide range of distinctive appearances entirely dependent on the individual taste of its

The ever increasing number of functions and
associated controls in cars makes it more and
more difficult for the driver to concentrate on
the essential activity of driving. “iDrive” groups
functions into two clearly defined areas:
“Driving” and “Comfort” and by doing so
simultaneously creates more space.


E65 Introduction