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All functions related purely to driving are arranged
within the “driving area” in the trademark BMW
“driver’s car” style. Behind the Multi-function
steering wheel with Steptronic buttons an LCD
instrument cluster provides the driver with all
essential information.


Arranged around the steering column are the cruise control lever, the direction indicator/high-beam stalk and the
automatic transmission selector lever which has been
moved from its previous location on the center console.

On the left hand side of the instrument panel
there is a switch for the Electro-Mechanical
Parking Brake (EMF), the light switch and the
trunk release button.


On the right there is the Park Distance Control
(PDC) button, the Start/Stop button and the
ignition switch with the slot for the remote control transmitter (instead of a key).


Finally, immediately to the left of the steering column is the adjuster “joystick” for the steering wheel
and the button for the optional steering wheel


E65 Introduction