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You are a native English speaker, a childcare assistant or CAP holder, and you want
to be actively involved in opening a bilingual micro-nursery for businesses and
individuals in Lyon Gerland. For the start of the 2017 school year, we are looking for
early childhood professionals to make up our supervisory team at one bilingual
micro-nurserie. Our structure accommodate 10 children from 4 months to 4 years in
English immersion. We especially want to collaborate with professionals who are
familiar with benevolent education and practice empathy in their relationships with
Welcome children and their families
Ensure hygienic care and feeding of children
Accompany children in all steps of daily life
Ensure the health, physical safety and psychological well-being of the
Participate in early-learning activities and contribute to the co-education of
children in connection with their families
Ensure maintenance and hygiene of the child’s environment and premises
Receive ongoing professional training within the national network, and
actively participate in seminars
Preferred Qualities
Benevolence, rigor, autonomy
Empathy, acute sense of observation

Dynamism, creativity
Ability to communicate and work collaboratively
Profile sought: Bilingual English CAP Early Childhood and Childcare Assistant, or
European equivalent, with 2 years of experience with young children. (Exceptions
possible based on applicant’s profile).
Remuneration and benefits

University degree and experience
CDI, 35 hours per week
Kdéos tickets for Christmas
Mutual with 100% assumed by the company

If you are interested in this project, please send an email with your CV to
recrutement@bisoupapillon.fr. Response assured.

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