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3E Accounting International, A Reliable
Network that Provides Professional and
Excellent Services Worldwide
3E Accounting is an international accounting network for experienced professionals to offer
high quality one-stop solution professional and compliance services on both local and
international fronts. The members of 3E global accounting network undertake and are
committed to provide effective and efficient services to support clients in bringing their
businesses to the next level of success internationally.

Top International Association of One Stop Solution Accounting Firms
3E Accounting International accounting network will only admit firms that have strong
professional background and product know-how knowledge within their local jurisdiction like
the back of their hand and who have experience in handling clients internationally.
Our Accounting Alliance members will embrace a service culture that emphasizes efficiency and
effectiveness through personal touch, swift response times, reliability and innovative thinking.
And by working together within the global framework provided by the International alliance of
accounting firms, member firms can provide integrated one stop solution services.

Extending High Quality Accounting Advice
Our international alliance of accounting firms offer advice and one stop accounting solutions
regarding the following niches:
Business setups
Accounting Tax
Corporate Finance
Finance Planning and Management
Corporate Finance
Human Resource
Virtual Office Setups and Bankruptcy
Legal Services
IT Solutions
Human Resources
Stamp & Seal Making

Our Services
Members of our 3E Accounting network can offer collectively a wide spectrum of professional
services including Accounting, Advisory, Secretarial, Taxation, Human Resources, Striking Off,
Immigration & Work Pass application, Virtual Office, Incorporation of Company, Stamp & Seal
Making, Legal Services, IT Solution
Our member firms serve companies of all different sizes in the private and public sectors and
work together in a coordinated approach to provide services in each jurisdiction and across
geographic borders.
Put your confidence in 3E Accounting members – you will be surprised by the
Friendly welcome
High levels of service
Sophisticated nature of the advice, and
Personal touch approach by the staff members

About Us
3E Accounting International Network is an international accounting network with highly
credentialed reputation and professional background.

Grounded with the mission of the “Three E’s”: efficiency, effectiveness and economy, 3E
Accounting International Network aims to offer services beyond excellence through their global
network- firms that have strong professional background , good know-how knowledge within
their local jurisdiction and trusted experience in handling clients internationally.
3E Accounting International Network is a network of independent accounting and consulting
firms from six continents in the world, namely Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South
America, and Oceania. Each member firm within each region collaborates to best serve the needs
of its clients through the enhanced understanding of current market and experience.
We are one of the member firms operating from the network countries of 3E Accounting
International Network, with a widely-recognised reputation in providing professional service in
accounting as well as helping companies to navigate the ins and outs of setting up new business
in the region.
Contact us for more information.
Download 3E Accounting International Network Brochure
Our Mission
To offer services with the concept of “Three E’s”: efficiency, effectiveness and economy – as
part of our One-Stop Solution services for our clients.
Our Vision
The World’s leading corporate service provider, offering services beyond excellence.
Our Values
Our clients are our top priority
We listen and communicate
All of our dealings reflect integrity, trust, transparency and professionalism
All services we render must be of excellent quality
Having our clients benefit from our value-driven pricing

Business Process Outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) basically involves the outsourcing of certain business tasks,
such as human resources management, accounting or payroll to a third-party service provider. It
is usually done as a cost-saving measure by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers
rather than completing it internally.
There are numerous advantages of BPO, among which is the faster completion of tasks with
better quality output. Also, by outsourcing certain processes, the said company has more time to
focus and even strengthen their core business processes. Most companies these days also resort
to BPO as it helps them shift certain responsibilities to the outsourced vendor. This is done

because the outsourced vendor is a specialist and able to better plan and coordinate riskmitigating factors.
Most importantly, especially for companies which are just starting up, BPO helps reduce
operational costs to a great extent. This is because with BPO, one does not need to employ
individuals in-house and this greatly helps cut down expenses. Chat with our experts at 3E today
and find out how best your company can benefit with BPO.
Contact 3E Accounting International for further assist on Business Process Outsourcing in the
country you are incorporating.

3E Accounting’s Worldwide Office
3E Accounting is the brand used by a network of independent accounting and consulting firms in
the world. Each member of the network is a legally separate and independent firm.
The brand is owned by 3E Accounting Pte. Ltd.. The network is managed by 3E Accounting
International Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. We have entered into agreements with the member firms in
the network to share the brand and quality standards.
We share knowledge and expertise among the network firms. This ensures synchronization of all
project collaboration tools, consistency of company wide processes and their transparency, hence
allowing us to deliver the clients comprehensive end-to-end services with speed and accuracy
from any and all of our global offices.

Contact Us
Our headquarter is located in Singapore
3E Accounting International Pte. Ltd.
(Company Registration Number: 201400539G)
51 Goldhill Plaza #07-10/11
Singapore 308900
Managing Director: Lawrence Chai
DID line: (+65) 6690 9266

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