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Optimization of
China Pharma
Secondary Market
Research analysis
Get more value from QuintilesIMS Health and
other Pharmaceutical market research data
Carole Gabay Market Analytics Capabilities

In Partnership with

Generate more Value from your market data

China is n.3 Pharmaceutical market in value globally, yet n.1 in size of IMS National
and sub-national database, as it combines such characteristics like :
– large nb of local drugs for each molecule
– large nb of traditional medicine drugs
– large nb of cities covered

Pharmaceutical companies spend increasing budgets to monitor increasingly rich
market information

Hence management of market data is more complex than in most countries

Size of data set induces usage of dedicated device to host database / in-person delivery
Pricing by province
Coverage issues on non-reimbursed drugs

Generate more Value from your market data
• It makes no doubt that most Pharma companies already
have a fast, automated analysis process to deliver topline
analytics tools to Management

• Yet, with the same data set (no additional purchase of
data or IT software), I offer companies to optimize the
process, to produce automatically more analytics for all
levels of management
• generate more insights, reduce maintenance on
centralized business rules to avoid mistakes, handle ad
hoc requests faster and make the market analyst job more
efficient and motivating

Carole Gabay : A Unique Experience
in Market Analytics
Carole Gabay has a unique experience in Market Research and Data Management for over 20 years. A
Graduate of leading French ESSEC Business School, she has devoted her career to Market Research and
Business Analytics from the Agency side to Industry leaders, from Consumer Goods to Pharmaceutical /
OTC industries, from her home country France to remote Japan and China, from country affiliate to
Europe and Global Headquarters.
She has worked for Nielsen, Gillette in the FMCG industry and then spent the last 13 years developing
expertise in Primary research and Business Analytics in the Pharmaceutical industry for Bristol-Myers
Squibb EMEA, Bayer Schering Pharma in Japan, Novartis Pharma Global and Vifor Pharma Global HQs in
Switzerland. She has extensive knowledge of IMS Sales / Rx / Promo and other patient records sources
used at Global and country level in Japan and China.
In China, she has been supporting IPSOS Healthcare Oncology Monitor analytical process, introducing
breakthrough improvements specifically adapted to the complexities of China data from data entry to
client deliverables. She also supported Sanofi China in optimizing the IMS CHPA analytical process. She
can build on her experiences to address efficiently similar analytical processes for Pharma companies.

Action Plan : identify what can be done in-house

1) review with Research & Insights team the existing deliverables

2) identify levels of analytics not covered with existing deliverables and subject to
frequent ad hoc requests

3) review business rules for Therapeutic areas that require specific conversion
factors (IU for Diabetes, cycles in Oncology, treatment days…) and in which reports
they are used, include them and their maintenance in the process

4) develop in-house automated reports that come as a complement to the existing
deliverables to be used to generate more insights and cater for ad hoc requests,
minimizing redundancy with existing deliverables

more granularity on some fields (Product description, periods)
less on others (aggregate key cities vs RoC, leave city level data in existing analytical tool)
additional KPIs (Prices, CAGR)

Action Plan : implement, secure, and train user

5) plug-in process calculated metrics into existing reports to save time and cut
on manual manipulation of data

6) feedback to vendors via research team issues spotted on data to improve
quality of data source

7) coach research team sporadically on several updates into the process until
they are comfortable with it

• Total Pharma (all ATCs) instant analytics at
company, ATC level
• Therapeutic Area specific report to cover all
requirements of customization
(segmentation, volume conversion)
• Implement process data into existing
• Patient records Research dashboard
• Other sources : Sales & activity by territory,
Detailing, Rx

Total Pharma market dynamics : instant
analytics fully automated, by company, ATC
Choose ATC
among full
list of 300

Look at
companies with
shares of generics

Long term and short term view, market size
and growth

Total Pharma report
Scroll down to obtain ranking of brands with info on molecule, company, launch, price, Form

Similar table on Company
Choose company in drop down cell among list of 400 MNCs and >3000 local companies

Value shares

Total Pharma report
• Total Pharma report is mostly interesting to explore company / ATC
level on therapeutic areas that are not usually monitored in your
• There is very little customization (no specific market definition
beyond ATC3 level, no volume conversion) but immediate access to
description of companies / ATCs’ product portfolios
• Time to set up : 1 day
• Time to update : 1 hour per month
• Nb of updates required to handover the process : 2-3
• Access to data / network required : 2.5 Gb of server space needed
to host database and input / output files
• Suggested price for implementation :
– 40 000 RMB for total Pharma / total China
– 20 000 RMB for additional similar report on sub channel (county, city,
region…) or TA aggregate (total Cardiovascular, Respiratory….)

Therapeutic area level report : customized
Long term and
short term view
with calendar
Years, MATs, YTD,

Geography chosen
on drop down box
(CHPA, Key cities,
rest of China

Value shares

Rankings on molecules,
brands. Full Segmentation
and granularity on
molecules with forms,
strength, prices, price
change generics

Prices and Volumes
calculated on
relevant volume
conversion unit
(treatment days,

Examples of Bridging

We can retrieve
business rules for
volume conversions
and streamline
tables to relevant
fields : molecule /
strength, molecule /
form or pack level
according to the
Therapy area
Automated process
to identify new
products / label
changes at each

Therapeutic area specific reports

Therapeutic area report will be developed with a view to catering for axis of analysis
not covered in the existing deliverables, so they are not redundant

They will integrate all necessary customization in terms of market definition,
segmentation, volume conversion

Time to set up : in average 4 days for first report, 2 per additional report

Time to update : 2 hours for all TA specific reports

Nb of updates required to monitor the process : 4-5

Access to data / network required : 5 Gb of server space needed to host database and
input / output files
Suggested price for implementation :
– 35 000 RMB for first report
– 12 000 RMB per additional report

Implement process data in
existing reports
• Rather than copy / paste data into the reports and maintain
business rules in each file, you can connect existing reports to
process data and refresh pivots connected to tailored data set
• Reduce time of refresh and trim down risk of errors

Optimize existing reports
• Additional module to the Therapeutic area reports
• Time requested : a few days of work + training, depends on TA
and geography level of granularity (city, region…)
• Cost : We will offer a quotation based on consultancy time
estimated and stick to that package until capability is
– <100 hours : 900 RMB per hour
– From 101 to 300 hours : 766 RMB / hour
– 4 months minimum on site full or part time consulting assignment on
client equipment : 370 RMB / hour (inc. holidays and can cover several

Patient record dashboard

On all the multi-wave patient records trackers I have handled across several
Therapeutic areas and agencies, I used my strong expertise in market data
management to develop unique automated ACCESS fed Excel reports that
capture a large number of KPIs from the research

I use for that the flat data provided by agency (on csv or dedicated software
extraction) to develop an analytical tool which users will find much handier,
faster and more detailed than large decks of PPT slides

Data can then be more easily analyzed and integrated in forecast models

I have developed such dashboards on the following syndicated or client
exclusive patient records studies :
– IMS Europe Acute Cardiovascular / Stroke / Oncology Analyzers, ex-CSD
dyslipidemia (China)
– Synovate / IPSOS Healthcare : Europe Hep B, China Oncology & Diabetes
– AMR / Decison Resources Group Global Hospital anti-biotic Market Guide
– Exclusive Patient records in Dyslipidemia (Japan), Iron deficiency

Example of output on Oncology where
tumor site (among 41), Molecule (among
300), time (among 7 periods) can be
selected in Yellow drop down boxes and
display instantly tumor-relevant KPIs


Regimens inc. Selected

Patient records dashboard
• Can be developed on any syndicated or exclusive patient
records study client may subscribe to
• Time to develop : 1-2 weeks, several iterations of feedback
and fine-tuning will be necessary internally or with agency,
so several months of collaboration will be necessary to
handover the capability properly internally (or to the
research agency)
• Cost : same as module C, time spent to be estimated
• More examples in the next slides

Other data sources

Territory level sales (IMS DDD or CPA) combined with National and internal activity and
targeting data : profiling of hospitals according to specific purchasing criteria / history
Prescription data by department / Diagnosis (source: 普瑞快思)
Promotional / detailing tracking (ex-CSD Promo)

Example of output on
territory sales data

– Brand A is growing whilst its competitor much larger in sales is declining
– What is the real impact of Brand A strategy and what benefit is A gathering from
competitor decline ?
– We profile each account on CPA according to brand mix (regular or occasional
sales) on the TA and occurrence of the specific event spotted (delisting of MNC
products of competitor)

Brand mix

Occurrence of
specific incidents


Prescription data from普瑞快思 : clustering of Diagnosis
into TA’s with a process to streamline the nb of Diagnosis
to profile

Identify sequences of character with Diag line and
cluster the most found

Summary of Modules offered
Base prices

Time estimated


A - Total Pharma 40 000 RMB

1 day set-up + 1
hour per update

20 000 RMB for
channel /
aggregate of TAs

B - Therapeutic
35 000 RMB for
area sales report first TA

4 days for 1st
report, 2 hours
for update

12 000 RMB for
additional TAs

C- Optimize
existing reports

2-3 days, 1 hour
max for update

D - Patient
E - Other data

Package to de
according to
time estimate
(see degressive
scale p. 18)

1-2 weeks setup, 1 day for
To be estimated

Consultancy agreement from your company to be signed
Costs do not include : travel expenses from Puxi-Shanghai, 6.76% VAT
30 days payment terms, monthly installments on the duration of the consultancy
Examples shown can be amended to cater for client’s requirements

Annex : General Presentation of
DR COM core activities

Our vision
Craft + Science

Drcom is a medical communication
agency and a pioneer in Closed Loop
Marketing (CLM) and digital
multichannel strategy in life sciences.

Our diversified abilities bring together
our skills in :
Digital development,
Creative sensitivity
Data Analytics to give us the means to
explore new horizons.

Top notch on site project management
associated with production and R&D
for a cost effective, fast and flawless

Our APAC presence
5 service offices: Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo and HCMC.
100+ experts in our production and R&D center.

What we do
Account & Project
Mgmt, Consultants

Artists, Designers,
Medical Specialists

Web, Full Stack, QA,
Dev Ops

Our ambition : help our clients along all the journey
of analytics
Activity tracking

Creative work

mobile apps

Designed by

Data collected

Data retrieved


Server or

detail aid /

Sales Force
/ Veeva

Client Pharma

Sales Force
Activity –
details &
events vs
Plan by
Doctor /
COM or
Sales Force /
Analytics or
Client Pharma
company in
Qlikview or

DRCOM data analytics offer


Sales per
& National


Sales per

Market Research :
Promotional audit
IMS (ex-CSD)

Client Pharma

Proprietary software
: Reportive

Client Pharma

Export csv

IMS (CSD) team to
deliver reports to

Client Pharma

Client Pharma

Market Research

Market Analytics Capabilities offer

▪ MCM call data analysis tool

Input source :
Veeva, IMS or
other CRM data

Wechat account detailed analysis

Daily view
with profiling
of each article

Aggregated view with
additional Menu / User
information, ranking of

Ranking of wechat articles

Wechat report consolidation


Our clients
Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, MD, Biotechnologies



Our clients
Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, MD, Biotechnologies


happy to show you examples of deliverables
in more details
Carole Gabay Business Analytics Capabilities
In partnership with

Shanghai, PR China
E-mail :
Tél : 158 2198 1284
We chat : carole gabay
3rd Floor, ANNA Building, Quang Trung Software City,
Tan Chanh Hiep W, D12, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


+84 (0) 8 5437 1208
+84 (0) 913 456 789


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