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The Neurosciences & Learning
Laboratory of the University of
Athens and the
Ω mega College organized under the
Educational Tourism educational
and entertainment programs
Young people over 17 years old,
citizens of the world who are
interested in Greek Philosophy, Art
and Culture, the Byzantine culture
and Orthodoxy, Tradition and Faith,
are able to participate the 
The program duration is 15 days and
will be provided:
Education, accommodation, half
board, transfers, activities and
sightseeing in Athens, Sounio,
Tours in Olympia, Epidaurus, etc.
During afternoon and evening the
following is going to take place:
Night camp - astronomy, mythology
and Greek dances.
Any educational program is going to
last 15 days, including:
• 2 different disciplines
• 44 class hours
• 26 workshops and special
educational events
• Studies Certificate with the
provisions of internationally
recognized credits (10 credits)
• Scientific responsibility and
university level Methodology


Studying the history and
tradition of Byzantium and
Orthodoxy, primarily through
Education and Art faith,
political and theological
thinking in the context of
modern Western civilization.


The role of Greek Thought as
shaped by Greek philosophy
and art in dealing with
collective or personal crisis in
good business and
The role of human values and
Greek language in personal

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