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Research engineer permanent position in Macromolecular
Application deadline: June 30th, 2017
The Institut Pasteur in Paris is one of the leading institutes worldwide in fundamental biology and biomedical
research. It is home to more than 130 research groups with scientists from over 70 countries. The recently
created Center for Innovation and Technological Research (Citech) includes all Core Facilities of the Institut
Pasteur, including the X-Ray Crystallography Platform (PFX).
The PFX has two major missions: (1) to provide research teams working in the field of macromolecular
crystallography with the expertise and technology for high-throughput crystallization, X-ray diffraction
measurements and crystallographic computing, and (2) to offer expertise in bio-crystallography and structural
analysis to research groups in biology at Institut Pasteur and outside organisations.
The PFX is looking for a research engineer in Macromolecular Crystallography, who should fulfill the missions
and tasks described thereafter under the supervision of the head of the facility.
This is a full-time tenured position funded by the Institut Pasteur. We offer a dynamic working environment in
an international and multidisciplinary world renowned institute. Scientific language is English. We are an equal
opportunity employer. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience.
Application must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae with publications, summary of service and research
accomplishments (maximum 3 pages) and at least 2 letters of recommendation. The cover letter and summary
should clearly indicate how you meet the required and preferred qualifications.


Design and perform experiments in protein crystallography (sample preparation, crystallization, data
collection, structure determination, crystallographic refinement and structure analysis).
Document and communicate scientific results clearly and promptly to our collaborators, take in charge
the deposition of atomic coordinates and structure factors in the PDB.
Write structure description reports and peer-reviewed publications.
Build capabilities and infrastructure through interactions with the internal and external scientific
Work effectively and efficiently in multiple projects, and collaborate with team members and lab users.
Maintain and operate our home X-ray diffraction system.
Supervise students and research laboratory technicians and participate in structural biology courses
organized in the Institut Pasteur.

Qualifications & Experience:
The candidate must hold a University Ph.D. (Physics or Biochemistry) and at least four years of postdoctoral
experience in Structural Biology. He/she must have a proven track record in protein crystallography, with a
strong background in protein biochemistry of soluble and membrane proteins, and solid experience in
computational crystallography (with up-to-date knowledge of relevant software packages such as CCP4 or
Phenix). Experience in cryo-electron microscopy is not essential, but highly desirable. Preference will be given
to candidates with a strong publication record and experience in writing grant proposals. The ideal candidate
should be highly motivated, show initiative and willingness to acquire new skills and function well within a
highly collaborative environment. Excellent attention to detail, command of the English language (both written
and oral) and organizational skills are considered essential for success in this position.

Applications are to be submitted by June 30th, 2017 to Dr. Ahmed HAOUZ

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