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Deutsch-französische B2B-Gespräche Industrie 4.0
13.06.17 - Frankfurt

ALFI TECHNOLOGIES: engineering and manufacturing of automated handling lines and automated
production solutions. www.alfi-technologies.com Mehr Informationen hier.
ALTER SOLUTIONS ENGINEERING: high-tech consulting/engineering. Areas of activity: energy,
aeronautic, industry, digital, life sciences. http://www.alter-solutions.com Mehr Informationen hier.
ANNECY TECHNOLOGY: stamping drawing, spring washers, molding and overmoulding of technical
parts. www.annecytechnology.com Mehr Informationen hier.
A2IA: software company specialised in the recognition, extraction and classification of complex
documents. www.a2ia.com Mehr Informationen hier.
COTHERM: air & water heating controls, thermostats & refrigeration controls. www.cotherm.com
Mehr Informationen hier.
DEDIENNE MULTIPLASTURGY GROUP: specialized in the metal substitution for the Automotive and
Aerospace Industries and in the manufacturing of composites and high end performance polymers.
http://www.dedienne.com/EN/ Mehr Informationen hier.
JPB SYSTEME: development of ready to use Lockwireless anti-rotational devices for the aeronautic and
aerospace industries and applications across the automotive, railways, marine and nuclear industries.
http://www.jpb-systeme.com/ Mehr Informationen hier.
LABORATOIRES PROTECH: French environmental protection group specialised in the protection and
the prevention of health and environmental risks. www.protecgroupe.com Mehr Informationen hier.
NOVAE AEROSPACE: development of complex aerostructures; a 80-years industrial heritage in the
field of building aircrafts engineering, manufacturing and maintenance in operational conditions of
equipment as well as civilian and military aircraft. http://novae-aerospace.com/en/880-2/ Mehr
Informationen hier.
PINETTE EMIDECAU INDUSTRIES: design and supply of forming and testing equipment, automated
production lines, custom engineered machines and turnkey plants for the world’s largest industrial
groups including the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors. https://pinetteemidecau.eu/en/ Mehr
Informationen hier.
SODISTRA: For 45 years Sodistra has designed and manufactured custom made isothermal solutions
for air handling and ventilation for the industrial sector. http://www.sodistra.com/ Mehr
Informationen hier.
VENTANA: Conception and implementation of efficient manufacturing processes. The Group consists
of 6 companies assigned with complementary synergies (mechanical and foundry). http://ventanagroup.eu/en/ Mehr Informationen hier.

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