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International Medical Research School
Program overall:1234-

Medical research basics training
DNA , stem cell and experimental animals lab rotations
Medical conference attendance
Social program

Medical research
basics training

Lab rotations

5 Hand On workshops!
 Study design & Research ethics
 Literature Review
 Introduction to Medical Statistics
 How to Read and Write Scientific Paper
 Critical Appraisal and Reference Manger
Stem cells
-Stem cell lab equipment.
-Stem cell lab precaution and bio-safety.
-Stem cell biology and classification.
-Isolation of MSc from mouse bone
-Preparation of media.
-Steps of isolation of MSc.
-Culture of MSc.
-Stem cell count.
- injection of stem cell .
DNA lab
-DNA structure , replication and gene
_methods of DNA extraction
_different types of PCR reaction
_primer design
_DNA sequencing
_ gel electrophoresis and band
Experimental -Animal anatomy
animal lab
-Animal physiology
-Animal behavior
-Experimental animal types
-Practical on experimental animals .
-All routes of injections (IP, IM, ORAL,
-Blood sample from eye
 Anesthesia

Medical conference
Social program

 operations
-Pre and post-operative care.
-Renal Ischemia.
-Hepatic ischemia
-Peripheral paralysis with injury in spinal
 sacrificing.
 urine collection .
 blood collection.
 serum separation.
 tissue collection.
 tissue preservation.
 sutures tools.
 sutures pattern .
ALEX 2017
Sharm Elsheikh
3 days - Coral Beach
Rotana Tiran resort
One day
One day

School plan:
1- hosting starts from 10 August (Cairo international airport) from 8 pm to
10 pm
2- lab rotations and medical research basics training from 11 august to 13
august – Mansoura
 morning duties from 9 AM to 3 PM (lab rotations)
 night duties from 6 PM to 10 PM (research basics training)
3- medical conference attendance and Alexandria social program from 14
,15 august
 social program 14 august
 medical conference 15 august
4- social program
 cairo 16 august
 sharm elsheikh 17 to 20 august
5- departure from sharm elsheikh international airport or cairo
international airport 21 august

1- international students (any one study outside Egypt) 650 $
 fees of attendance of lab rotations
 medical research basics training
 medical conference attendance
 accommodation and transportation
 2 meals per day
 Sea trip in sharm elsheikh , Alexandria and Nile
2- Egyptians ( study in Egypt) contact Dr.Amr Abdelbaeth for proper
program selection

Accommodation will be is 4 or 3 stars hotels and the two meals will be
(breakfast – dinner)
After finishing you will get 8 certificates :1- 3 certificates for lab rotations
2- 3 certificates for medical research basics training
3- One for conference attendance
4- One for all credit points (30 points CME)
All certificate issued from Egyptian association for continuing medical
education development (an official association with issued number 5488)

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