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Straightforward, if you know the bank, it will be fine.

RVSM / NON RVSM (separation from two opposite aircraft and 070° what level in NON RVSM)
EASA rule making body (extremely reworded, to me two possible answers)
Max angle MLS App when vectored
OCA definition
Rome Convention
QNH Flight Level in descent
Transition Altitude rounded to 1000ft
Two Transition Alt, the higher in the area
Transponder 7500 Mode A – Emergency…
Other than location (black and yellow…)
LLL code
Short - long - temporary (AIP Supplement…)
Permission to land unlawful aircraft
Clairance VFR flight (airspace E)
Intermediate Approach (before Final App…)
Heavier than air
Radio failure for VFR controlled
Zone at the end of the runway for abandoned takeoff
Authorized agent for Cargo waybill
Essential Local Traffic definition
Accident anywhere in the world (wherever it occurs in the exam)
IFR over mountains (2000ft 8Km)
And some easy stuff

Some new questions :

1) What you be the reason to depart from the rules of the air ? (not the correct wording)
A - Sick passengers
B - Safety reasons (went for that)

2) At what age a pilot with a pilot license is NOT be part of commercial operations ?
A – 58
B – 60 (went for that)
C – 62

D – 64
The four answers were in the exams but the question is not the correct wording

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