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Korean product Catalogue .pdf

Nom original: Korean product Catalogue.pdf
Auteur: Mr. Byun

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1. AloeFarm ( : Aloe Juice
1) Company introduction
The Aloe Farm, the engaging in agriculture Union Corporation, is the corporation body establishing
by people who grows aloes in island. All aloe products producing from Aloe Farm use technical
power of old agriculture to be healthy, the aloe which it raises with the nothing agricultural chemical
and the product it makes.
2) Product information

Mixing beverage
Materials and Content: Aloe Vera gel 74.7 % (Geoje island Korea of origin), Concentrate
(Blueberry, Cherry, Pear, Apple), Carrageenan / Contents depends on each flavor of a
Packing Material : Polyethylene or Polypropylene
NUTRITION FACTS(per 100 ml) : Calories 59 Kcal, Carbohydrate 15 g, Sugars 12 g,
Protein 0 g, Total fat 0 g, Saturated fatty 0 g, Trans fatty 0 g, Cholesterol 0.0 mg, Sodium 35
The packaging may vary.

2. Kuan Industrial Co.,Ltd ( red ginseng
1) Company introduction
This company has developed fermented red ginseng by lactic acid bacterium first in the world and
contributed to raise the red ginseng’s absorption percentage into the human body. Kuan’s products are
exported to many countries such as Japan, Malaysia and Canada, etc.
2) Product information

A catalogue for more information is available in an attachment.

3. Oriental F&B ( Seaweed salad, Yuzu Juice, Seaweed
noodles and Kimchi
1) Company introduction
This company established for exporting Korean Food & Beverages to other countries and specialized
in consolidated FCL shipment with various Korean foods like fresh Udon, noodles, seaweed products,
2) Product information

4. Han’s Korea Cooksi ( : Instant rice
noodles with various flavors
1) Company introduction
Han’s Korea specializes in instant rice noodles & instant rice ramen by using clean and fresh
ingredients. And this company’s mission is to supply the noodle products for simple food life and the
healthy life.
2) Product information

Container dimension : 162*131*55 mm / Weight : 92g / Shelf life : 12 month
Using rice as the main ingredient, it is manufactured with 62 hours aging technique.
Since it is not fried in oil, the noodle is excellent being light, soft and chewy. It is an instant
rice noodle with no preservatives and no cholesterol.

5. Cholocwon ( : Honey Citron Tea, pure citron juice and citron
1) Company introduction
Cholocwon considers the health of customers first and always tries its utmost based on the philosophy
of establishing credible tea culture. And this company tries to increase profits of environmentallyfriendly products.
2) Product information

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