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founded in Morocco
in 2012 by Younes Baba-Ali
and Anna Raimondo.

As sound can easily travel across borders and
does not need a visa, Saout Radio represents
the space between the local and the international, the FM radio and the public soundscape, the
virtual and the physical. Saout Radio reunites
sound works of diverse genres, destined to be
broadcast throughout fm radios and internationally diffused or shown in a variety of spaces for
diverse audiences. In doing so, Saout Radio works
towards encouraging a south-south dialogue in
sonic art fields and promoting an international
exchange between people and structures.
Acting as an educational project as well, Saout
Radio is also a meta-radiophonic place where
uses of sound for artistic purposes are shared
through workshops, itinerant listening sessions
and debates.
Saout Radio is not about “sound for sound’s
sake”. In its philosophy, sound is rather interpreted as both a physical and social tool, able to
create new possibilities, to suggest movements,
to generate a public dialogue, to contaminate
the urban space or to be an intimate mirror.