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Polycarbonate / Lexan overlay for Alesis Andromeda

!!! Always be sure to be disconnected from the power when you open an electrical device !!!
!!! Always be sure to be discharged static electricity when handling electronic circuits !!!
in order to install the new overlay, and unfortunately due to the design of the Andromeda, it's necessary to unscrew the 2 plastic covers located at each end of the ribbon controller,
from the inside :-(

1: Open the Andromeda
To access the interior it's necessary to remove 22 screws on the back and under the Andromeda.

Once all the screws are removed, you can toggle the top panel to the rear and access to the 2 screws from the 2 small plastic covers.

After this re-tilt the panel forward to remove the pot caps.
2: Remove the pot caps
3: Placement and bonding the overlay
!!! Do not try installing the overlay in one attempt !!!
Do not remove sticky back protective sheet. Align the new overlay into place and tape it into position using painters tape.
At this point, verify that the old overlay is not visible through the drill holes and especially the LED windows, on the new face.
The new overlay was created from the naked frame without the original overlay.
If the old overlay is slightly visible on some LED windows, adjust with a cutter the old overlay underside. Anyway, once the new overlay stuck,
the underside face will not be usable anymore.

Now pull back the protective sheet and gently apply the new overlay .

Once the overlay bonded...

Reinstall pot caps and screws et voilà!!!

Thank you for your trust and I hope that the new look of your Andromeda will delight you...

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