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Catalunya Residency

Call for applications/ Hangar - Darling Foundry / 2017

Live in studio of the Residency of the Americas with artworks of Javier Gonzales

At the Darling Foundry, artists and curators have the opportunity to devote themselves entirely to their artistic practice while living in a new country. They are
quickly immersed within the Montreal arts scene where they are encouraged to create professional and personal relationships. They also benefit from the unique
industrial character of the building, which compliments the creation, and production of their artistic and curatorial ambitions. Studio visits, educational activities,
exhibitions, and doors-open events are frequently organized, increasing the likelihood of professional and social integration between artists and curators in the
local community.
Objectives of this Call
The main goal of this call is to provide a mobility and production grant residency to an artist from Catalonia to be completed in La Fonderie Darling (Montreal).
Participation in this context is open to all visual artists of all ages and nationalities living in the geographical area of Catalonia, to develop proposals in the field of
contemporary public art, performance, installation, sound art, visual arts, audiovisual and new media.
Period of residence

The duration of residence will be twelve weeks in a row during November, December 2017 and January 2018

Budget and amount of the grant

Fligh round ticket Barcelona-Montreal
Funding: 2.700 € maintenance costs (900€/month) and 1.000 € for production (gross budget).
Accommodation and studio.
Using the infrastructures of the receiving center, according to availability.
Specific technical assistance. If the project requires a full-time assistance, costs will be billed apart.
Travel insurance.
Dissemination of the project on the web and through the organization of a public presentation.


The application must be submitted by online application form.
Each artist can present to the call with a single project.
During the residency, the selected artists undertake to maintain active contact with the resident artists in the host city.

Obligations of the selected project
The selected artist must commit to:

Participate in the receiving center’s activities during their residency.
Submit a final report of the project to the centers and a valuation of the residence during the two months after its completion.

Make a public presentation of the results of the residency in the framework of the public activities of La Fonderie Darling. The format will
be decided between the artist and the center.

Make a presentation of the results of the residence in Hangar within the framework of the Paratext.

Include the logos of the participating institutions.

Facilitate pictures of his/her residency to the centers.

The artists interested in applying for this grant residency should complete the form below including a description of the project to develop:
Application form**
Applications may be submitted in English, Catalan or Spanish. An summary of the project should be submitted in English, in the case the application is in Catalan
or Spanish.
Deadline for applications
The deadline for receipt of applications until July the 23rd 2017 (GTM+1).
Selection process
A first pre-selection of minimum 3 and maximum 5 candidatures will be done by Hangar’s Programme Committee. The pre-selected candidatures, along with the
submitted dossiers, will be forwarded to La Fonderie Darling who will carry out the final selection of the Catalan artist by the end of July 2017. The final resolution
will be communicated to the selected artist via email on the first week of August.
Avaluation criteria
The jury will value:

the proposal’s artistic value;

the impact on the artist’s carrier;

the impact on the Montreal artistic community;

The focus of the proposal along the lines of work of the center of residence.

The ability of the project to address the issue raised.

A realistic assessment of the time and appropriateness of project objectives to the context and resources of the participating centers.

Acceptance of rules and jury decision
The participation in this competition implies the acceptance of the rules and decisions of the jury, the dates of the residency as well as the changes that may occur
later as a result of factors beyond the control of centers.
Involved institutions:
This residency is part of an exchange program between Catalonia (Hangar) and Quebec (La Fonderie Darling), funded with the support of Institut Ramon Llull,
Generalitat de Catalunya and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ). This program aims to support the development of artistic works related to
the context of each of the participating centers and institutions, promote interregional exchange between creators of Quebec and Catalonia and enable dialogue
between two experiences of their respective artistic communities and social groups.
- Hangar
- Fonderie Darling
- Institut Ramon Llull/Dept. Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya
- Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ)

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