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Memories of Territories
Workshop 1

AugusT 21-22

In Le Dépaysement, Jean-Christophe Bailly tells how one night in New York, in 1978 or 79, he was
watching on television Jean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game : it wasn’t so much a discovery as a
revelation, a feeling of “belonging and familiarity” that this “so French” film stirred within him. This
was one of the starting points for a trip the writer took across the territory of France, particularly to
those places usually left aside by history books or tourist guides. This trip indeed was motivated by
something other than a diligent enumeration of remarkable landscapes, it inaugurated a body of research
devoted to the memory of territories – what Bailly calls “a history of traces” - by trying to reproduce
in writing the emotions, at once intimate and shared, that are specific to a particular site. This memory
of territories also determines the acts of filmmaking travellers, untiring hikers and incorrigible
cineastes, whose practice is expressed more in the mobile and personal journal of a filmed wandering
or cine-journey than in the systematic exploration or marking out of a territory with its borders and
identities. Over two days, this workshop will first follow the steps of Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd and
Christian Barani, whose work always closely articulates memory with a cartography of the perceptions
produced by a territory. The workshop will then bring together filmmakers, writers and performers
who re-occupy spaces in and around our cities that have been buried or abandoned, marginalised
or covered over with new development in order to bring to the surface their historic strata and mnemonic
traces. Arnaud Lambert and Laurent Pellé will follow the steps of Jean-Michel Palmier and Jean Rouch
in Berlin on one hand, and Aude Fourel with the Stalker collective in Rome on the other, to guide
us through these “sites of repressed memory” which make up the “deep unconscious of our cities”.
Moderated by Alice leroy.

Territories of Memory
Workshop 2

AugusT 24-25

Three filmmakers, three acts of remembrance rather than commemoration connected to territories
scarred by “History with its great axe”: as a kind of mirror reflection of the workshop “Memories of
Territories”, this second workshop “Territories of Memory” will bring together Ruth Beckermann, Sergei
Loznitsa and Susana de Sousa Dias whose recent films mark the culmination of a long term search
into the writing of history through the voices of literature, archive, interviews of witnesses, and the
exhumation of traces of the past buried within present landscapes. These three cineastes have devoted
themselves to a labour of “restoring” memory, each with their own tools and on different scales; a
practice which consists in digging into the temporal strata of territories, probing the gaps within history,
reconstructing bridges, however fragile, between past and present in order to bring about the coexistence of heterogeneous and apparently irreconcilable times, those of memory and of the
Moderated by Alice leroy.

Workshops accessible on pre-registration.