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UK Business Directory
Search for local businesses and services from across the UK. Find the right business for your
needs using reviews, photos, opening hours and more.
BizHouse Offers Listing Facility for Business with Social Media Elements to Get Better Reach
BizHouse has been providing the facility for businesses to reach their target market through their online
business directory that has great social media elements as well.
PR Body:
BizHouse has rightly understood the importance of social media integration for any business. This is why they
provide the facility for companies to list their business with social media elements offered at
This website has a review system in place that will help business gain review comments from customers.
Businesses also have the facility to list their business based on their areas of operation like agriculture,
appliances, computers, clothes &amp; Footwear, etc. Each of these categories has sub-categories that provide an
excellent opportunity for businesses to rightly place their business details on the dependable site.
BizHouse business directory provides the opportunity for businesses from different parts of the UK to list their
business. BizHouse can be contacted through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and can get an opportunity
to get a wider reach.
About the BizHouse:
BizHouse provides the excellent opportunity for business across the United Kingdom. Not just businesses
planning to list themselves, but also businesses looking for some other business to associate for their B2B
operations can find the businesses through the search directory facility offered by BizHouse. Businesses can
contact this website on all weekdays from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Fridays at 9 am to 4
For more information, please visit:;url=;url=;adid=107&amp;slid=60&amp;plid=0&amp;caid=92&amp;roid=2&amp;url=;url=;OID=6&amp;LTID=1&amp;url=

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