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Halloween Beauty

Strictly confidential

Halloween Party
Bobbing for Beauty with YouCam Apps

Get spooky chic this Halloween with YouCam App’s
exclusive beauty looks, frames, and fun filters!

Transform into a runway rebel, ruby luxe, creepy comic, and
with one tap. Your spooky glam Halloween beauty look awaits.
Join in YouCam’s Halloween party fun NOW!
Strictly confidential

Exclusive Halloween Materials
• YMK looks x 7
Launch on October 1st, 2017

Strictly confidential

Halloween Beauty

Runway Rebel
Strut your stuff and shock
the crowd with this devilish
runway style.
Strictly confidential

Two Faced
A spooky style caught
somewhere between heaven
and hell.
Strictly confidential

Ruby Luxe
A jeweled skull style that
makes even rubies and
emeralds look scary.
Strictly confidential

Galactic Ghoul
Equal parts freaky and
glamorous, this twinkling
rainbow skull look is sure to
scare and impress.
Strictly confidential

Creepy Comic
These neon superhero
accents are creepy cool.
Strictly confidential

Spider Woman
Transform into a scarlet siren
and entice people into your
web with this spooky look.
Strictly confidential

Dolly Chic
There is absolutely nothing
cuddly about this frightful
demon doll.
Strictly confidential

Thank You

Strictly confidential

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